Really Late to the Party


So I’m a little late to the party.  Okay really late to the party.  Okay,  late enough that the party started, everyone has already eaten all the food, drunk all the wine, and have gone way past the hangovers and moved on the clean up.   But I’m here now and at least I can plan the next party. With that in mind my current list will be rather redacted compared to a normal list as I am six months late.

Redacted YOP List

1. Iced – one sleeve and collar to go!
2. 64 crayons – so close. So very close.
3. Vincent price socks – should be much closer than they are.
4. 10 more squares for Nordic Holiday

Not WIPs:
1. Lumberjack X4
2. Baby gift for the April baby
3. Socks X3 – patterns currently unknown

So that’s it. Far more reasonable than normal. I think this is growth of a sort.

I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone else.

Have a great fibre filled week!


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