A Post About Socks and Log Driving

This is going to be a very Canadian post. It is still about knitting, but it has a very Canadian feel about it today.

First, it’s bloody cold here. I realize that it gets cold everywhere in the winter, and that most people can say that their winters are also bloody cold. Cold is certainly relative to the person who is saying it and I would never deny anyone that statement. But, here today, in the grip of a winter that finally decided to stay, it’s -23 C when you factor in the wind chill. According to the Internet that is -9.4F. And while we are certainly not the coldest place in Canada right now, I can and will say it’s cold. We are in fact in a Canadian winter and the myths and legends are true. We freeze.

Secondly, I have started another pair of Lumberjack socks. These ones are for my Brother in law and will be part of his Christmas gift. I admit that there is nothing overly Canadian happening here, unless you count that I am using Tanis Yarn, which is Canadian and a pattern that is also written by Canadians.


However, here’s the part that makes these very Canadian today. Any time I am working on these and not distracted by a movie or a TV show or chatting with the hubby, the only (and I do mean the only) thing that goes through my head is The Log Drivers Waltz. (It is actually animated, just get past the black and white scene first).  Canadians of a certain age will no doubt know exactly what I’m talking about. This little short would come on in between TV shows in place of commercials on the CBC sometimes, and by a very early age we all knew the words or at least the tune.  Now as adults, we will sometimes bond over this little Canadian Film industry short.  It’s happen more than once when a group of us will burst into song, often to the befuddled looks of the non-knowing.  And that’s what I think of when I work on these socks.


So there it is.  I’m freezing my arse off in Canadian Winter, knitting with Canadian yarn, making a pattern created by Canadians, and I have the most Canadian of all short films as an earworm.  (Ed. Note – The Sweater might be more Canadian but we disqualify it because we were forced to watch it in school.) This is my very Canadian day.

Pattern: Lumberjack


2 responses to “A Post About Socks and Log Driving

  • gracey

    We’ve been feeling a bit of Canada in these parts as the Canadian Polar Vortex has hit us here, but it did not quite get that cold….overnight it dipped down past 0 Fahrenheit, but warmed up to a balmy 2 degrees by the time I had to leave for work…or -16 C on Thursday……today it is 23 F or -5 Celsius…and I love those socks…and incidentally got my Canadiana yarn today from Fishknits….

  • kiwiyarns

    Holy moly. If it ever hit -23C in NZ, I think we’d all be dead. For a start, we simply don’t have the right house insulation! I think the coldest it gets is about -4C… You are perfectly justified in feeling cold. Scrummy yarn! I was bad and bought some Tanis recently. She’s seriously talented.

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