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YOP Update Jan 26.15

It’s amazing sometimes how quickly the weeks go. I didn’t even notice that I missed posting last week until Wednesday! And really that was probably okay because my knitting stalled a little bit and there wasn’t a whole lot of progress to report. I know it’s hard to believe but sometimes other things do actually interfere with you ability to knitting for any substantial length of time.

Saving the world from a global pandemic for example might have gotten in the way. Saving the world from a global pandemic 13 times certainly got in the way. But, you will be happy to know that with the help of my husband and a few close friends we did in fact save the world more often than we allowed it to succumb whatever illness was spreading like wild fire. It is an excellent board game but I can’t play it and knit at the same time.



We’ve also been having fun experimenting with our new food processor. There are about a million reasons why you shouldn’t knit and try to run a food processor at the same time and really I don’t think they need listing. Imagining fibre tufted cucumber soup dripping from the ceiling is enough of a reason. I really think this might be one of the few activities in which having your knitting around is downright inappropriate.


Even with all the world saving and food processing there has been some progress on the list! My first of four scheduled pairs of Lumberjacks are off the needles. These are going to my BIL for Christmas and they are boxed and bagged and ready to go.


Next Iced is well on its way to being complete. I am hoping that by next week this one will be off the list. No pictures yet.  It’s still all bunched up on the needles.

I still haven’t blocked 64 Crayons, but here’s a sneak peek.


Overall, it’s been a great couple of weeks.

Redacted YOP List

1. Iced – Almost finished!!
2. 64 crayons Finished Jan 2015
3. Vincent price socks – should be much closer than they are.
4. 10 more squares for Nordic Holiday

Not WIPs:
1. Lumberjack X4 first pair finished Jan 20. Three to go.
2. Baby gift for the April baby
3. Socks X3 – patterns currently unknown

I hope you all have a wonderful fibre filled week! Cheers 🙂