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Tale of a Terrified Sweater Knitter: Episode One

After writing my post earlier this week about my dirty little knitting secret, I realized that I am terrified to keep working on my Cardigan.  The fear that I am going to put a bucket load of work into something that I am never going to finish, (or almost as bad,  finish and then hate) is enough to make me ignore the pretty yarn and pretty needles.  I hate that almost more than the thought of making something that I am displeased with.  So I have decided that the best course of action is to make a weekly goal of writing and photographing my progress.  Since I don’t want each week to read, “Roam still lying untouched on the end of the coffee table, or sweater moved from coffee table to end table where it remained unloved and taunted me loudly every time I had to walk past it to leave the room” I figured that I should work on it a little each week and share my ups and downs with the whole thing with the ultimate goal of having something complete at the end of it.

So, this week I have almost finished the two-inch border on the back.  So far it’s not horrid.  I haven’t  burst into tears or forgotten the pattern.  Nothing has spontaneously combusted and my head has yet to explode causing my brain to ooze out of my ears.  ( The absolutely ridiculous thought for me in all of this is that I am willing to knit myself a Bohus sweater, but the thought of doing this little cardi makes me want to curl up and hide under a rock.)

So with all of you I am going to share this personal sweater phobia and maybe you can join in and knit something that scares you too and by the end of it there will be many pretty things for all of us to share and celebrate.