YOP Update February 8th, 2015



This is a very exciting and special update.  This is not because Iced is finished and keeping me cozy warm as I type this.  (Though it is pretty cool).  Here’s a picture of me not wearing it.


It is special because this weekend we went to visit my SIL and my BIL and when I walked in to their house, my SIL didn’t get up to greet me.  Why is that special and not incredibly rude you might ask? It’s because she was crocheting.  She was sitting on the sofa, with a crochet hook in her hand and a project in her lap and she was crocheting.  She was actually doing Tunisian crochet, which she has taught herself THE NIGHT BEFORE WE ARRIVED!!!!  (The project on the left is her first project.  The project on the right is the fancy crochet she started the night before we arrived).IMG_2711-0


If she was a huggy type person, I would have flung myself across the room and grabbed her.  But she’s not and after 16 years of being part of her family I can accept that and find ways to express happiness that doesn’t  make her try to crawl out of her skin and flee the room.  I can do things like ask her about what’s she’s doing and be genuinely interested because 1)  I  am a fibre person and she is working with fibre and 2)  I have no idea what the heck she is actually doing.  It is no secret that I don’t know how to crochet.  I can’t read the patterns (Ed. note:  Seriously:  Since when is a half double not the same as a single?  What is wrong with you people?).  I don’t know how to make the hook move.   I certainly didn’t know that a crochet hook could be the size of your arm and that you could leave stitches on it.  But, my SIL did.  The next day, when we were driving around to various wineries and distilleries, we were sharing a back seat and she had her fibre and I had my fibre and we were both so very happy.

 A little sampling from the wineries and distilleries.




I was knitting a new pair of socks with this.


By the time we left she had this.


Overall, it was very successful.

And now for the list.

Redacted YOP List

1. Icedfinished Feb 2015
2. 64 crayonsFinished Jan 2015
3. Vincent price socks – should be much closer than they are.
4. 10 more squares for Nordic Holiday

Not WIPs:
1. Lumberjack X4 first pair finished Jan 20. Three to go.
2. Baby gift for the April baby
3. Socks X3 – patterns currently unknown

And because a weekend wouldn’t be complete without the dog.





A Rather Strange Decision Indeed

A few day ago I cast on a cowl.  When I started my Rav search I didn’t know that I was going to cast on a cowl.  I just knew that I had some odd balls of yarn that I really want to start using up so I searched patterns in the correct yarn weight and found the cowl.  I’d looked at it before and I liked it every time I clicked on it, so I thought, why not.  Two  minutes  later the pattern was downloaded and printed and I was off to dig through my stash hoping that I would find the yarn I wanted quickly.  Since my husband was home I thought it safe enough to go stash diving without the customary and potentially life saving bottle of water and protein bar.  While I was in fact correct about that and only had to navigate one smallish yarnalanche, it did take me longer than expected to find the yarn I wanted.
On the way to those skeins, I came across this skein.2015/02/img_2673.jpg

This arrived in the mail quite some time ago as part of a yarn club and it’s been sitting in the original envelope in the back of my stash pretty much since the moment I opened it.  It’s not that the yarn isn’t fabulous because it is.  It’s soft and squishy.  It feels great against your cheek and in your hands.  It’s the colours.  These  colours are not me in any way.  But I came across the yarn and thought, this might actually work for the cowl.

So then I sat in the middle of my newly created mess and had the yarn I actually was going to make the cowl out of in one hand and the unloved yarn in the other hand.  I stared.  I asked my husband for advice. Then I did a little math to figure out how to rework the pattern for a lighter gauge yarn, (I added 12 extra rows and am repeating the lace work one extra time on each side of the center stitch), and put the yarn onto the swift and made a cake.

And now it looks like this.2015/02/img_2675.jpg

It is actually working for the cowl.  I think I like it and if I don’t I can use it as a Christmas gift.  But when I comes right down to it, this was the only chance this skein of yarn had at being used.  These moments don’t appear often and when they do, I’ve learned it’s best to embrace them.  You can always ponder the oddity of the thing while you’re knitting it 😉
Pattern: zuzu’s petals

YOP Update February 1, 2015


This is going to be a quick little update.  Dinner is cooking in the kitchen and I have a sweater that needs pinning out.  But here it is:

This week my list got hacked a little.  I cast on a cowl that is clearly not on the list.  What can I say, I’m living dangerously.  I let my needles guide me and they went to a new cowl.  More about it later this week because it sort of deserves it’s own post for the uniqueness of the thing.


Keeping this one a little bit of a secret. There are reasons.

The big news this week is that the sweater that needs pinning is Iced.  This is it having a bath right now.  It still needs the ends woven in and the buttons added, but it is off the needles and I am thrilled.



These are the buttons I’m using.  I love them.


Hope everyone had a great week.  Looking forward to catching up with everyone.
Happy knitting!

Redacted YOP List

1. Iced – Almost finished!!
2. 64 crayonsFinished Jan 2015
3. Vincent price socks – should be much closer than they are.
4. 10 more squares for Nordic Holiday

Not WIPs:
1. Lumberjack X4 first pair finished Jan 20. Three to go.
2. Baby gift for the April baby
3. Socks X3 – patterns currently unknown




YOP Update Jan 26.15

It’s amazing sometimes how quickly the weeks go. I didn’t even notice that I missed posting last week until Wednesday! And really that was probably okay because my knitting stalled a little bit and there wasn’t a whole lot of progress to report. I know it’s hard to believe but sometimes other things do actually interfere with you ability to knitting for any substantial length of time.

Saving the world from a global pandemic for example might have gotten in the way. Saving the world from a global pandemic 13 times certainly got in the way. But, you will be happy to know that with the help of my husband and a few close friends we did in fact save the world more often than we allowed it to succumb whatever illness was spreading like wild fire. It is an excellent board game but I can’t play it and knit at the same time.



We’ve also been having fun experimenting with our new food processor. There are about a million reasons why you shouldn’t knit and try to run a food processor at the same time and really I don’t think they need listing. Imagining fibre tufted cucumber soup dripping from the ceiling is enough of a reason. I really think this might be one of the few activities in which having your knitting around is downright inappropriate.


Even with all the world saving and food processing there has been some progress on the list! My first of four scheduled pairs of Lumberjacks are off the needles. These are going to my BIL for Christmas and they are boxed and bagged and ready to go.


Next Iced is well on its way to being complete. I am hoping that by next week this one will be off the list. No pictures yet.  It’s still all bunched up on the needles.

I still haven’t blocked 64 Crayons, but here’s a sneak peek.


Overall, it’s been a great couple of weeks.

Redacted YOP List

1. Iced – Almost finished!!
2. 64 crayons Finished Jan 2015
3. Vincent price socks – should be much closer than they are.
4. 10 more squares for Nordic Holiday

Not WIPs:
1. Lumberjack X4 first pair finished Jan 20. Three to go.
2. Baby gift for the April baby
3. Socks X3 – patterns currently unknown

I hope you all have a wonderful fibre filled week! Cheers 🙂

Fibre and Paper Jan 21.15


The Fibre
I’ve decided that it’s time to break the spinning wheel out of its corner that it’s been sitting in since the end of November. This beautiful fibre was bought for me at Rhinebeck an2015/01/img_2638.jpgd I did manage to un-braid it! So first I have to finish drafting it and then get it on the wheel. Wish me luck. My spinning always seems to suffer the agony of being neglected.





The Paper,
While it is true that I am still reading the Lies of Locke Lamora, and still loving it, I have briefly put it aside to finish The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  This post apocalyptic novel is a tale of the survival of a father and his young son that is simultaneously filled with enduring acts of love and downright brutal heartbThe-roadreak and suffering.  The rather abrupt writing style in the novel does add to the overall bleakness of the world in which the two main characters reside.  Fortunately, in this case, a novel without a single wasted word works well.  I think that an overly descriptive narrative would actually detract from the feel of the book and the fast and oddly intimate relationship that you form with the father and son.
While I am not certain that I would recommend this novel,  I can say that it is incredibly compelling.





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FO Friday

My new favourite shawl! Finished just before Christmas. I was thinking of giving it to my MIL, but my Hubby insisted I keep it for myself. I am really happy he did.





Pattern:  Cladonia

Yarn: Austerman step classic

Indigodragonfly merino sock

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It’s Barely Even a WIP

Nine rounds. I made it nine whole rounds before these were tossed aside. I don’t even know why these were tossed aside.

I love the yarn. Love it. The pattern is going to be awesome when it’s done. These socks are completely me. A little lacy. A little gothy. An awesome colour. These are me.

But for some reason I started and stopped and then left them alone for way too long. Indecision? Knitting polygamy at it finest? Commitment issues? The moon and the stars weren’t aligned in a way that encouraged finishing? (Let’s go with the last one. That covers a lot of ground for all of us)!

Whatever the reason these are the next on the WIP list too be finished. I only have a pair of socks minus nine rounds to go.




Yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight fingering

Pattern: Vincent Price’s Happy Place

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