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YOP Update Sept 1, 2103


I’ve been a busy little knitter in the last few weeks.

First, my dad’s Christmas socks are finished!  It’s another pair of Vanilla Lattes off the needles.


And in the blink of an eye another pair were cast on. These are for my Bother in Law, who is really lucky that he is getting socks as opposed to a hot pink corset complete with bobbles and pom-poms, since he did claim that he would “wear anything I knit for him.”


The dish cloths are coming along well and I am very happy with my decision to have added tags to each set since I have already lost track of what set is going to whom.


Vivd has increased to 11 squares and two new colours have been added. (Only 29 more squares to go)!


And lastly,  after one ill-fated attempt, I have cast on a linen stitch scarf and this time it seems to be going well.


I hope everyone else had a great fibre filled week.

Happy Knitting!

My goal: 5 skeins out/month

Skeins out/in

July 5/3

August 5/4

Sept 0/0

Christmas is in Fact Coming

In my world, Christmas is coming.  I realize that is a silly thing to say, because regardless of whether or not you celebrate Christmas, it is in fact coming.  It’s coming  the same way the tomorrow is coming.  Christmas is coming with the same certainty that there will be a knitting later today and more coffee.  No matter how you look at it or how far away it is, when you knit Christmas gifts, the next Christmas is always coming.  Last year I didn’t do a lot of Christmas knitting.  I knew that I was going to be very short on time and that the added pressure of trying to finish a ton of gifts wouldn’t make the already trying time any better.  Last year for the first time in a very long time we opted buy the majority of our gifts for people.  That came with its own complications.  First, I hate malls.  Two, I hate Christmas shopping.  Three, the only time I had to do it was December 22nd.  The crowds were insane.  I hate the consumerism.  It just all turns my stomach.  That day more or less ended with me calling my Hubby at work and having a screaming meltdown when I couldn’t find anything for my SIL and her husband.  It was not one of my more gracious moments and I think I frightened the hell out of the poor guy sitting on the bench outside of the store and when I got home I realized my shirt had been on inside out the whole time and then I still had to wrap the majority of the gifts since I was not waiting in the line in the mall to pay someone a stupid amount of money to wrap the presents I was just forced to buy.  What I am trying to convey was that it really was not a great day by any standards.  I’ve had days with the stomach flu that I would consider to be more enjoyable than that little romp through the re-filtered oxygen, florescent lighting, and crappy tinned music.  As I was walking back to by car I decided that we were not going to have another Christmas like this one.  And we are not.  The knitting has started.  My Hubby and I have started to generate ideas for gifts for people.  We know that there will always be a little bit of shopping to do, but not like last year.  Never like last year.  Never EVER like last year.

Some things I can’t show you yet because they will be seen by the wrong eyes.  That is killing me a little ’cause one idea I have is sickeningly cute.  But, it’s going to have to wait.  But I can show you these little cloths.


The majority of the cloths are this pattern.
square  cloth

A few of them are this one.

And the last ones are this one.


I could not get a good picture of this cloth. There is a snowflake in the middle.

Three per set tied with a ribbon and we are good to go.


As I mentioned earlier this week these are all part of larger gift for people. I’ll show the finished product a little closer to Christmas. But I am happy to have things under-way.  I am one small cloth sized step away from not having homicidal rage this holiday season and that is a good thing for everyone.  Believe me on that.

She Saved the World A Lot – A Slayer Worthy Wash Cloth

Nerd Wars is back, and we are in the second month of tournament five.  And I am again on Team Hellmouth, which is truly where I need to be, since I am a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this (ha!) little knitting competition, Nerd Wars is a group on Ravelry where fibre loving people come together and create items inspired by our favourite fandom.  The teams are vast and varied and chances are, if you are a fan of pretty much anything you can find your tribe and join up with them.  Each month has six different challenges that you can compete in and your project has to reflect the challenge.  If you can tie it to your team, you also get team spirit points.  For every month there is also a team unity project.  Those projects (at least in the Hellmouth) are a team decision and while it certainly doesn’t mean we all create the same item, it does mean that we create something with the same team tie-in in mind and then we get extra points for out team based on those projects.

I love Nerd Wars for a bunch of reasons.  I love Buffy and finding things to create from one of my favourite shows & graphic novels is a world of fun.  (Though I draw the line at knitting a Xander inspired eye patch.  I have, however, crafted scarves, mitts, toy elephants, a set of minions, and a Mr. Pointy.)  I am always amazed at the number of ways  that as a group we can tie our projects to our show.  My two elephants, for example, were named Spike and Angel and represented the love relations that Buffy had with two vampires while having a stated mission of killing all vampires, hence the elephant in the room connection.  The other reason why I love Nerd Wars is at least once a month, I have an excuse to knit a dishcloth for one of the challenges, so it’s encouraging my dishcloth challenge to move a long at a steady pace.

This is my most recent cloth, and I squeaked it in just under the line for the last round of Nerd Wars.  It was the last cloth that had to be knit to bring the dishcloth challenge total up to 12 by July 1st.


I am now officially at the half way mark of my dishcloth challenge and right where I need to be to complete all 24 cloths by the end of the year.  (For a complete list of all the other cloths I have made, you can go here.   It needs a little updating, but most of them are there with links to the patterns.  I only knit free dishcloths so if you find one you like you can have a little instant gratification knitting of your own on your needles in no time.)

This little peace sign cloth got to wear a lot of hats, so to speak.  First, it was the 12th cloth.  Next it fulfilled the technical challenge posted last month in Nerd Wars – craft something representative of a past era – the 1960’s appeared on the list.  I got team tie in points ’cause you know Buffy was always trying to save the world and make it a more peaceful place, and think about how important a good wash cloth would be if your job involved skulking around at night killing demons of unholy origins.  It’s not a clean job and a little dirt and grime would be the least of your concerns.  (I think that’s why we never saw any of the characters wearing the same outfit twice.  What would you use to get otherworldly ichor out of your clothes and hair?)  After a rough night of slaying a girl would just need to soak and scrub the night away, don’t you think?   And finally, (*what follows is a tiny little spoiler if you are watching the series and not finished it yet, you may want to skip to the last paragraph*) it was my team unity project as we had to knit something that represented Dawn (Buffy’s very annoying supernatural sort-of sister) so I used the last of my green cotton to represent the colour of Dawn’s energy.  (To all the fibre people reading this, at least your annoying little sisters never had green energy exploding from them when you didn’t let them play with you.  Your sibling could have been far worse.)

So that’s how one little cloth can be way more than a cloth.  I already have my next cloth picked and it is for Nerd Wars.  It’s a Snoopy cloth.  For the Buffy people reading this, I’m pretty sure you all get the joke.  For anyone else who’s confused about what the hell Snoopy has to do with Buffy, I promise I’ll explain it all when it’s posted.

The Dishcloth Challenge Has not Been Forgotten

I love Canada Day. I think that it might actually be one of my favourite long weekends of the year. If you celebrate the holiday and you’re like my husband and I, it’s an excuse to get together with friends, BBQ, drink wine, child wrangle and knit. It just seems to be a way more stress free weekend than say Thanksgiving or Christmas. You just don’t see the ads on TV or interviews on talk shows about “having a stress free Canada Day dinner”.  And I don’t think that I have ever had anyone tell me that they need to drink heavily or have considered fleeing the country under cover of night to survive or avoid a Canada Day BBQ.  Canada day isn’t something that anyone in my circle of friends has to endure, it’s something that we enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and I am blessed to have an amazing relationship with my husband’s family, but we all know what it’s like trying to juggle three different family functions in two days and then having to take over hosting duties at the last possible second because your sister-in-law has contracted something resembling the plague and is re-enacting scenes from The Exorcist all over her apartment and has probably spread her nasty Linda Blair inducing germs to all the food and since you don’t want to be responsible for your SIL becoming the next Typhoid Mary you agree to host whatever the event is even though you are painfully under-prepared and then have to figure out when the hell you are going to scrub the toilet and brave the nightmare that is every grocery store over a holiday weekend. (Okay, I admit that last part might just be me.) But, you just don’t hear about that kind of thing happening on Canada Day.

So, to honour my favourite stress free long weekend I made this little cloth. It’s super fast and easy and is a well written pattern.  This little cloth was finished in very little time.

The pattern is free and is the Garden Maple Leaf dishcloth. I have no idea what the yarn is. It is cotton and it’s from my stash.

I think I may make a set up in autumn leaf colours next.

The original idea for this challenge came from Ruth (and she sucked in Kimmery and I). Head on over to her blog to read all about it.

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Fishy!!! FO Friday & a Dishcloth Update

A few weeks ago I discovered the fish Tawashi on Ravelry. I immediately had to resist the urge to cast one on. They are cute, fast, stash busters and can be used for the Dishcloth Challenge.
But this week, I could no longer resist and had to make one. The pattern calls for “a small amount of yarn” so I took what I perceived to be a small amount of yarn out of my stash and set to work. A very short period of time later, I had this. It’s a fish scrubby ready to scrub my dirty dishes clean.

It is clearly a fish. And it’s cute and fast. But what shocked me was the minuscule amount of yarn it did actually use.
So I decided to make another one. I started by bringing out far less yarn. 22 grams to be exact.

This is what 22g of Mission Falls ends look like.
Another very short time later I had this little guy to match the first one.


And after weighing the yarn that was remaining I discovered that each of these little guys only uses 12 grams of yarn.  That’s a tiny amount.  Really tiny.  I see a few more of these in my future very soon to use up the itty bitty ends that I thought were too small for anything.

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The original idea for dishcloth challenge came from  Ruth.  Head on over to her blog to read all about it.

Not the Type of Angel You Want Knocking at Your Door

I really had no idea when I started the dishcloth challenge that I would be knitting Dr. Who related dishcloths.  But, that’s exactly what I found myself doing again and this is my newest cloth to add to my collection.

For those of you who are not fans of the show, this is not a happy little angel. Taking the Tardis is a bad thing and that Angel is up to no good.  This brings my Dr. Who cloth tally up to four.  I figure soon I will  be able to lay all the cloths out beside each other like storyboards and make my own episode up!

The yarn is hemp/cotton blend and I have to say, not my favorite to knit with.  It’s very airy and drappy which does have it’s uses, but not the best choice for a cloth.  The pattern is The Angels Have the Blue Box.  It works out fine  in the end, but the written directions are very cluttered (i.e. instead of K1 P1 x4 it reads K1 P1 K1 P1 K1 P1 K1 P1).  For me that’s a nightmare, but there is a chart that is clear and easy to follow so I suggest using that instead.  It’s also the only cloth I’ve made so far that appears to need blocking.  (That’s not going to happen.  It can occur naturally when it gets used.)

Now, must run off.  There is a tawashi fish pattern with my name on it and more cotton to use up.

The original idea for this challenge came from  Ruth.  Head on over to her blog to read all about it.

No, they Really are just Bobbles

Nerd Wars is still raging on, and for one of the entries in the second round I immediately thought of a sheep dishcloth pattern I had recently stumbled upon on Rav.  What didn’t really clue into was that it had bobbles in the pattern.  I hate bobbles.  Hate them. They are Satan’s contribution to the world of knitting.  I knit bobbles once and pretty much vowed to never do them again.  I have repressed the memory so heartily that it don’t even remember what project I knit them in.  For some reason I have yet to discern, once I realized that the bobbles were there, I decided to knit the cloth anyway.  I mean really, there aren’t that many rows with bobbles in them.  How bad can it be?  My answer turns out to be: Pretty freaking annoying.  (Just for the record bobbles are not difficult, they are just tedious and annoying and they slow my knitting down.)
It really didn’t help when my lovely dear husband leaned over and exclaimed, they look like nipples.  Great.  Thanks for that, Honey (ed. note: Don’t look at me.  I got it from the Yarn Harlot, and I never would have known about her if you didn’t sit there snickering while you read her books.)

About 30 seconds later he caught me staring at the cloth and gave me that inquisitive look, so I explained that I was thinking about what would happen if I mentioned the word nipple in my post.  And about what kind of spam that might lead to.  To which he replied that it wasn’t even nipples, it was sheep nipples which should be a whole different, much more specialized kind of spam, and good curse word to boot.
So for those of you keeping track, I have mentioned Satan, repeatedly used the word nipple (ed. note: and now Harlot), and invented a new cuss phrase and I’ve done all that without showing you the cloth. I am on a roll here.  I could at this point just keep going.  I could just see how weird and ridiculous I could make my spam become.  But I think, I would rather just show you the cloth and move on from the bobbles.

Pattern: Knitted Bobbles the Sheep Cloth


The original idea for this challenge came from Ruth (and she sucked in Kimmery and I). Head on over to her blog to read all about it.

Check out our Ravelry group to join in the fun. It’s here.

A Dishcloth Update, or: I am in Tawashi Bliss

A few weeks ago …….. sent me a link to the two toned tawashi. (Thank you so much for that)!  So when the second round of Nerd Wars started and one of the challenges was to create something out of scraps I printed off the pattern and began.  Initially, I had only planned to make one, but somehow I blinked and had three.  I love the tawashi.


First, I have to be honest and admit that I love these partly just because I love the word.  It’s fun to say.  Change the inflection a little bit as your repeat it and it’s even more fun.  I may even have sent a text message to my husband that had the word Tawashi in it and nothing else.  (I am not willing to confirm or deny that last statement.  I’m just saying it might have happened.  Four times.  In one message.  Hypothetically.)  Second, these are incredibly fast to knit.  They are so fast that they make other fast projects feel very slow.  Sit down with your yarn and a cup of tea and by the time you need to pour your next cup, your Tawashi will be finished.  (Unless you are like my co-worker, who will  make a cup of tea and swig it so fast that her mouth gently steams while she is gulping it down.  If you too are one of those people, you’re on your own.  No one could knit that fast.)  They also use very little yarn so they are perfect for scrap ends.

Each one uses almost nothing!

I was a little confused when it came to the sewing up.  It took both myself and my husband to work it out and there may have been a little frustration on both our parts.  But in the end it all worked out.  I cheated a little and instead of sewing the top and the bottom of the tube shut, I simply threaded the yarn through it and pulled it tight.  It’s worked like a charm and means that the finishing steps take under five minutes to complete.

I am super pleased with the progress that I am making in the dishcloth challenge and am further along than I thought I would be, well past the halfway mark.  And I have reached one small milestone – all my cotton now fits in one container! I am very pleased with this development.  Now, I just need the container to be a little less bulgy, but one thing at a time!

The original idea for this challenge came from  Ruth.  Head on over to her blog to read all about it.

That Didn’t Go Quite as Expected – A Dishcloth Update

Some of you may recall that last week I had stated that I had hoped to use up a good chunk of these ends to make a cute petal dishcloth. I knew that it was unlikely that I would get to the large end and that it was really there just for my piece of mind, since I was knitting outside the home and thus away from my stash. So I tossed all the ends in a bag and set off.

I settled in at my friend’s house and started knitting and a little while later I was finished this.

It is a successfully finished cloth with a little mistake.  I didn’t concern myself with the error as it is a cloth to use at home and it will serve it’s purpose.  But, the really observant among you will notice something.  The cloth is only two colours!  Those ends were a little bigger than I thought they were.  So this one is a partial success.  The cloth is finished.  The ends, not so much, and I will still have to find a way to get rid of them.  I guess it means looking up more patterns.

The Dishcloth Challenge Continues

I am having a wonderful time with my personal dishcloth challenge.  I love the instant gratification and my little stack of handknit cloths makes me smile whenever I look at them.



I am having a blast knitting things that show up in some of my favourite tv shows.  While I would never want to knit a full size Tardis or a  Buffy doll, wiping up a little cloth that allows me to be a fan of something without looking like a crazy stalker is a lot of fun.

With the addition of my Batty cloth, a Nerd Wars entry commemorating the historic moment when Buffy meets Dracula,  my completed total has risen to four.

So far we haven’t used any of the new cloths, but I have assured my husband that they are for use.  I’m certainly not knitting them so that they can sit around and collect dust!

But there is more to accomplish with this challenge than finishing 24 cute little cloths.  My current goal is to condense both of these containers into one.  I don’t need two containers of cotton.  I really don’t knit with it all that often.  And when it comes right down to it, knitting anything larger than a dishcloth out of cotton is not something that I enjoy enough to want to do.  Cotton is just not my thing.

So the next step is to turn this pile of ends into a petal cloth.

The big one is just for backup. Hoping to use up all the small ends first.

These cloths are my favourite to knit.  They are fast, cute, and have amazing durability.  I’ve knit many and currently the cloth in use in my kitchen is one of them.  I’m not sure what the ends are any more, but they are all the same brand and it’s the kind of cotton that cost $1 a ball and that you can find in a craft store instead of a yarn store.   And, it makes great cloths. (Even if the colours do fade really quickly).  But, I have cloths that have been in constant use for almost two years out of this brand and aside from being stained new and interesting colours (I  don’t bother trying to get stains out of cloths, they just get tossed in the washer and then back in the dirty dishes anyway), they are all still in prefect shape.   Which is good, because there is a Micheal’s opening up within walking distance of my house and I can always get more there.  But, if I want to keep the cotton contained to one basket, these ends really need to go.

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