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FO Friday

My new favourite shawl! Finished just before Christmas. I was thinking of giving it to my MIL, but my Hubby insisted I keep it for myself. I am really happy he did.





Pattern:  Cladonia

Yarn: Austerman step classic

Indigodragonfly merino sock

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FO Friday – Different Lines

It feels like forever since I’ve posted a Finished Object on a Friday.  As usual this has been finished for a while but it needed to be blocked and photographed.  I used one skein of each colour and could have easily added a few more stripes as I had a very generous amount of yarn left over.

The Pattern: Different Lines

Yarn: IndigoDragonfly MCN Sock (Colour Kathleen Turner Overdrive)

IndigoDragonfly Merino Sock (Colour Captain Tightpants)

Overall, this is a very easy, fast knit.  Almost too easy as I think that part of the reason it’s not longer is that I needed to move on to something a little bit more challenging.  But, I’m please with the final product and happy to have it for the autumn.

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Fishy!!! FO Friday & a Dishcloth Update

A few weeks ago I discovered the fish Tawashi on Ravelry. I immediately had to resist the urge to cast one on. They are cute, fast, stash busters and can be used for the Dishcloth Challenge.
But this week, I could no longer resist and had to make one. The pattern calls for “a small amount of yarn” so I took what I perceived to be a small amount of yarn out of my stash and set to work. A very short period of time later, I had this. It’s a fish scrubby ready to scrub my dirty dishes clean.

It is clearly a fish. And it’s cute and fast. But what shocked me was the minuscule amount of yarn it did actually use.
So I decided to make another one. I started by bringing out far less yarn. 22 grams to be exact.

This is what 22g of Mission Falls ends look like.
Another very short time later I had this little guy to match the first one.


And after weighing the yarn that was remaining I discovered that each of these little guys only uses 12 grams of yarn.  That’s a tiny amount.  Really tiny.  I see a few more of these in my future very soon to use up the itty bitty ends that I thought were too small for anything.

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The original idea for dishcloth challenge came from  Ruth.  Head on over to her blog to read all about it.

That Really is a Pink Elephant

Nerd Wars is in its final month for this tournament and so far I have turned in a record nine projects. (Let me just clarify that is a personal record. There are people who manage to turn in all six projects every month for three months.) My intention was to recap everything in one post at the end of the tournament but these little guys are too cute not to share today. Making their internet début are Angel and Spike my pocket elephants. These little fellows were created for the Geek Pride Challenge of Follow the Leader (making something that a player from another team made in Round one or two and taking that as inspiration).  Then for the extra points I  had to tie  them back to the show so it was suggested that I use the “elephant in the room” theory and it works perfectly as a vampire slayer in love with a vampire or two is a little bit of a sticky situation.    (I haven’t decided which is Spike and which is Angel yet.)


They were fast and easy to make and I hope that they are less problematic than the minions are.

See what I mean? Those minions are nothing but trouble!


Pattern: Mini Elephant

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Don’t Fear Your Robot Master

So today’s post was supposed to be final photos of my last two shawls, but I finished Clink for Nerd Wars and I think he’s just too darn cute not too share.  He marks my third entry this round and completed the Geek Culture challenge.  Fans of Buffy know that there is a Buffy Bot that makes an appearance a few times in the series and I envision this little guy being her bff.  Sure, he might be all old school robot style, but with those big eyes and squishiness, how could it not work out!

I will guard the knitting books!!!

I see you!!!!

Do I blend in?

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An Imperfect Cowl

My slightly imperfect completed Reunion Cowl.  Imperfect because somewhere around the 3000 stitch mark I realized that the direction ” be careful not to twist” may have passed me by.  So, of course I had to do three more rounds, which took the stitch count close to 4000 just to be sure.  I spent about 5 minutes muttering very unladylike things to myself, (I was on the subway at the time so I fit right in), and then decided I would call it a mock Möbius  and carried on.  My cowl is also a weird hybrid of two different sizes.  It something between the medium and the large.  For all it’s imperfections, it’s wonderful and works very well.  The first night I wore it out I ended up with it wrapped around my head, neck, and face when winter suddenly decided to make an appearance.  Sorry, no pictures of that.





Pattern: Reunion Cowl

Yarn: Indigo Dragonfly

Colour: Tardis

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FO Friday – I Love You Enough to Make you Another Scarf

The “I Love you Enough to Make You Another Scarf” Scarf

For Christmas this year there was no doubt in my mind that my hubby needed a new hat and scarf.  He still very proudly wears the first two that I knit him from the beginning of my knitting career. (I remember the hat took me something like 12 hours to make.  I can do the same hat now in under 3 hours.  I know this cause it’s happened).  I am very tickled by the fact that he still wears and loves the set.  But it old and well-worn and he needed something at little more updated.  So I set about to find a set I liked.  What I found was the Windschief hat and cowl set.  But the husband didn’t  need another cow.  He needed a scarf.  So, this is what I came up with.

(I’m going to add better pictures this weekend.  It’s actually a perfect winter day outside for photos, but alas I have no model currently.)


Note: As this is a scarf gauge is not critical to a completed project. Please keep in mind that finished lengths and widths are based on the yarn and gauge used in this pattern. Altering the weight and gauge of yarn used will result in a scarf that may use more or less yards than this pattern suggests.

Suggested Yarn: Any DK weight yarn. Scarf knit in Tosh Merino DK colourway Stovepipe

Yarn requirements: 675 yards/618 yards (3 ball of Tosh)

Gauge: 20 – 22 sts = 4 inches in stockinette stitch

Finished size: Length



Needles – 4.5 mm or US 7 straights

Notions: 2 split ring stitch markers

Measuring Tape

tapestry needle


CO: Cast on

K: Knit

P: Purl

K1tbl: knit one through back loop

Garter Stitch

Knit all stitches

Repeat for every row

Twisted Rib

(K1tbl, P1) across row

repeat above row for all rows

Section One

(Using Cast on Method of choice)

CO 42 stitches

First row: Begin Twisted rib, (K1tbl, P1). Repeat for all stitches to end of row

Repeat Twisted Rib on all rows until scarf measures 1″ from cast on edge.

(I moved my split ring marker every two rows to make it easier to now when to start and stop the twisted rib pattern).

Next two rows: K1, (P1, K1tbl) x20, K1

Row 3 & 4: K2, (K1tbl, P1) x19, K2

Row 5 & 6: K3, (P1, K1tbl) x18, K3

Row 7 & 8: K4, (K1tbl, P1) x17, K4

Row 9 & 10: K5, (P1, K1tbl) x16, K5

Row 11 & 12: K6, (K1tbl, P1) x15, K6

Row 13 & 14: K7, (P1, K1tbl) x14, K7

Row 15 & 16: K8, (K1tbl, P1) x13, K8

Row 17 & 18: K9, (P1, K1tbl) x12, K9

Row 19 & 20: K10, (K1tbl, P1) x11, K10

Row 21 & 22: K11, (P1, K1tbl) x10, K11

Row 23 & 24: K12, (K1tbl, P1) x9, K12

Row 25 & 26: K13, (P1, K1tbl) x8, K13

Row 27 & 28: K14, (K1tbl, P1) x7, K14

Row 29 & 30: K15, (P1, K1tbl) x6, K15

Row 31 & 32: K16, (K1tbl, P1) x5, K16

Row 33 & 34: K17, (P1, K1tbl) x4, K17

Row 35 & 36: K18, ( K1tbl, P1) x3, K18

Row 37 & 38: K19, (P1, K1tbl) x2, K19

Row 39 & 40:K20, K1tbl, P1, K20


Switch to garter stitch, (knit every row), and continue until scarf measures approximately 7” shorter than desired length.

Section Two

Begin Twisted Rib pattern

(I moved my split ring marker every two rows to make it easier to now when to start and stop the twisted rib pattern).

Row 1 & 2: K20, K1tbl, P1, K20

Row 3 & 4: K19, (P1, K1tbl) x2, K19

Row 5 & 6: K18, ( K1tbl, P1) x3, K18

Row 7 & 8: K17, (P1, K1tbl) x4, K17

Row 9 & 10: K16, (K1tbl, P1) x5, K16

Row 11 & 12: K15, (P1, K1tbl) x6, K15

Row 13 & 14: K14, (K1tbl, P1) x7, K14

Row 15 & 16: K13, (P1, K1tbl) x8, K13

Row 17 & 18: K12, (K1tbl, P1) x9, K12

Row 19 & 20: K11, (P1, K1tbl) x10, K11

Row 21 & 22: K10, (K1tbl, P1) x11, K10

Row 23 & 24: K9, (P1, K1tbl) x12, K9

Row 25 & 26: K8, (K1tbl, P1) x13, K8

Row 27 & 28: K7, (P1, K1tbl) x14, K7

Row 29 & 30: K6, (K1tbl, P1) x15, K6

Row 31 & 32: K5, (P1, K1tbl) x16, K5

Row 33 & 34: K4, (K1tbl, P1) x17, K4

Row 35 & 36: K3, (P1, K1tbl) x18, K3

Row 37 & 38: K2, (K1tbl, P1) x19, K2

Row 39 & 40: K1, (P1, K1tbl) x20, K1

Next Row

continue in Twisted Rib across all stitches until scarf measures 1″ from point of triangle.

BO all stitches.

Weave in ends and block if necessary

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FO Friday – Christine’s Little Lace Scarf and a Pattern

This year for Christmas I made my friend Christine a scarf.  She found out about it before hand when I found out she reads my blog.  We laughed about that.  I originally had settled on the Strangling Vines Lace Scarf.  I am not really sure what I was thinking since I don’t knit lace.  Sure a little bit here and there but not a whole scarf.  I realized I was never going to finish it on time so I morphed it into the final product.

Lace on the ends only! Speed up the process a lot.

I altered the pattern to only include lace on the two ends and continued the 3 stitch border throughout the SS middle section.  It went much faster and even with needing a heavy blocking it was finished on time!

If your interested here’s what I did. (I used two skiens of sock yarn for this.)


CO 42 stitches (I used 4mm needles)

K3, Place marker, K to last 3 stitches, place marker, K3

K 3 more rows

Lace repeat 

Row 1 & 3: K3, purl to marker, K3

Row 2: K3, *yo, k2,ssk,k2tog,k2,yo,k1* repeat to marker, K3

Row 4: K3, K1, yo, K2, ssk, k2tog, K2, yo* repeat to marker, K3

I made 8 lace repeat sections, (I repeated the last four rows eight time creating 32 rows of lace).

Middle section

First  row: Knit across row

Next row: K to first marker, purl to second marker, K3

Repeat last two rows until 5 inches before desired length

Using the same lace repeat pattern as in the first lace section, do 8 repeats of section.

Knit 4 rows


You will need to block this.  It curls a lot.

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FO Friday – My Giant Flamboyan: or, The Small Blanket I Can Wear

I hate being cold.  For me it’s one of the worst feelings.  (I will openly admit that there would potentially be far worse things to experience, like extended periods of hunger or cold due to homelessness or pain that can’t easily be managed with the assistance of modern medicine. But I have had a fortunate life and never experienced those things)  I blame my hatred of the cold on growing up in Northern Canada, where a hot day in the summer is 18C/64F and the average temp in the darkest moments of winter is -25C/-13F  before the wind chill.  And sadly, winter lasts a really long time.
If you’ve never experienced that kind of cold, I can’t describe it too you.  It’s impossible.  I can tell you it’s cold enough that I developed “seasonal asthma” which was in fact (as my doctor informed me) cold air getting into my lungs and creating minute ice crystals, thus causing the wheezing and the fluid build up.  I can tell you that when it’s that cold life sucks a little, being outside sucks a lot, and you’d better have a cushy inside hobby to fill your time. (Just to point out, I fully understand why the Swiss make such good watches and why Scandinavian knitting developed they way it did.  You want your hobbies as complicated as possible when you’re up against that kind of cold.)  All this is to point out why I hate the cold so very much.

It’s also why I knit a Flamboyan big enough to use as a small tent. This is it, in its unblocked glory.

Close up of the detailing in the middle of the shawl

It’s already huge.  When it gets blocked this weekend and gains more width and length it should be aproximately the size of a small circus tent, and I firmly expect to find three rings of excitement happening under it one morning.  But, it’s serving its purpose.  It’s big.  It’s super warm.  It’s perfect and just what I wanted.  And the best thing is, it’s my first official FO of 2012!

Pattern: Flamboyan by Stephen West (To the surprise of absolutely no one who reads this on a regular basis.)
Yarn: Sport merino in When I Bit Him I Could Taste the Ocean. (IndigoDragonfly.  Also again, to the surprise of absolutely no one who reads this on a regular basis.)

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Creative Friday

My BFF’s super secret birthday gift is almost finished.  So close to being finished that I am confident that by the time you read this post it will be completely finished and just in need of blocking.  But, I can’ t show that to you today.  It has to wait until some time in November after she’s opened our faded blue gift bag and has seen it.  So I thought I would do something a little different and show you a finished object that she’s given me.

These are my set of Dashing, in buttery soft baby alpaca.  Most often my BFF will give me something that will encourage more knitting.  She bought me my ball winder, multiple balls of yarn, and is responsible for my husband buying me a swift.  She’s the owner of one of the two wheels currently in my living room, and we refer to all of our books as the joint knitting library.  But that particular year she made something for me.  I love fingerless gloves.  I have many pairs.  I have them in different lengths and they serve different purposes.  But these are one of my favourite.  I love everything about them and I love the fact that they are a beautifully constructed pair of hand knit gloves that I didn’t knit.

You can find these on Knitty.com

I always chuckle to myself when my BFF says she doesn’t knit for other people.  That’s  flat-out wrong.  She just doesn’t knit for people all at once.  Unlike me who only knits for others at Christmas and the odd birthday, I think she’s knit for every new baby born to anyone she knows since I’ve met her, and for her Aunt, and for random birthdays.  She had a horrific experience the day before a baby shower when she was knitting in a restaurant and the waitress dumped a margarita on the baby shower gift.  (The recipient  still received a hand knit object.  It was just a little late.)

But I think the gift we all love the most is the love of fibre and knitting that she’s given to so many of us.  I can think of multiple people, myself included, that would have never even have started to knit if it wasn’t for her.  If the knitting mafia did exists she’d be the Godfather of it.  (I just had the most ridiculous vision if my BFF inspecting a brief case full of freshly shorn fleece and pounding her fist on the table saying “you expect me to believe this is pure Alpaca!!!!”  And then having the enforcers from either side of the room step forward with knitting needles and tape measure in hand, dragging the offender into a field with the actual sheep and Alpaca.)

I guess that technically,  inspiring someone to knit is a WIP and not an FO.  But this post does include two FO’s, one for me and one for her.  And as soon as I can I will show you hers.

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