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FO Friday – My Giant Flamboyan: or, The Small Blanket I Can Wear

I hate being cold.  For me it’s one of the worst feelings.  (I will openly admit that there would potentially be far worse things to experience, like extended periods of hunger or cold due to homelessness or pain that can’t easily be managed with the assistance of modern medicine. But I have had a fortunate life and never experienced those things)  I blame my hatred of the cold on growing up in Northern Canada, where a hot day in the summer is 18C/64F and the average temp in the darkest moments of winter is -25C/-13F  before the wind chill.  And sadly, winter lasts a really long time.
If you’ve never experienced that kind of cold, I can’t describe it too you.  It’s impossible.  I can tell you it’s cold enough that I developed “seasonal asthma” which was in fact (as my doctor informed me) cold air getting into my lungs and creating minute ice crystals, thus causing the wheezing and the fluid build up.  I can tell you that when it’s that cold life sucks a little, being outside sucks a lot, and you’d better have a cushy inside hobby to fill your time. (Just to point out, I fully understand why the Swiss make such good watches and why Scandinavian knitting developed they way it did.  You want your hobbies as complicated as possible when you’re up against that kind of cold.)  All this is to point out why I hate the cold so very much.

It’s also why I knit a Flamboyan big enough to use as a small tent. This is it, in its unblocked glory.

Close up of the detailing in the middle of the shawl

It’s already huge.  When it gets blocked this weekend and gains more width and length it should be aproximately the size of a small circus tent, and I firmly expect to find three rings of excitement happening under it one morning.  But, it’s serving its purpose.  It’s big.  It’s super warm.  It’s perfect and just what I wanted.  And the best thing is, it’s my first official FO of 2012!

Pattern: Flamboyan by Stephen West (To the surprise of absolutely no one who reads this on a regular basis.)
Yarn: Sport merino in When I Bit Him I Could Taste the Ocean. (IndigoDragonfly.  Also again, to the surprise of absolutely no one who reads this on a regular basis.)

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FO Friday – Nothing Says I Love You Like a Dead Fish

I love quirky things.   Most of the time when something is a little off beat or not quite the norm it brings a smile to my face and I fall in love with it.   The object provides a little break from reality and is usually a source of inspiration.  And it’s even more fun when the quirkiness is something  you create.

With that in mind, I present the first of the “I can finally post something about this project” posts.  Here is the Dead Fish Hat for Little J.  (Or as her father put it, the  “Hey Mister, I tried to eat your baby’s head but I got stuck” hat.)  To make it fit her smaller head, I used finer wool and a smaller needle size than the pattern calls for.

The yarn is three kinds of Rowan Felted Tweed.  The light green and grey were from a project I frogged many moons ago and the dark green is from a bag that was given to me by a friend when she was destashing her tiny condo to make space for other things.  The eye is a Dollar Store tea towel cut up and sewn back on with more of the green yarn.  I had a lot of fun making it and Little J did keep it on for a relatively long time.  (Though I think that her willingness to keep the hat may have had more to do with the fact that we all were  making such a big fuss about it than actually liking it all that much.)


This was a fun Christmas present to make and to give away.
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FO Friday – A Very Addictive Little Knit

My knitting projects take on different meanings for me at different times.  Some I choose for their complexity when I need a challenge.  Some are for their simplicity when I just want to lose myself in the stitches.  Some are to showcase a yarn or a pattern.  And some are just because they are really cute.  These little cases fall into the last category, they were just too cute not to knit.

The pattern is Sweaters for purse size tissue packages and the yarn is whatever sock yarn scraps and one odd ball that I had lying around in my stash.  I warn you that these little sweaters are highly addictive and you won’t be able to knit just one.  They are also super fast and highly portable making them great lunch break or transit knitting.  And they each use very little yarn.  I was able to make four packages with a standard ball of sock yarn and still had a little bit left over.

I intend to toss these into Christmas packages for my family members and I think that they will bring a smile to the faces of the people who receive them.  One is living in my purse (I took the first one that was a little wonky), and I have to admit, I did consider making a few more.

I love projects that use up ends so these were really the perfect little Christmas knit.

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Meet Stone the Second

Meet Stone the Gargoyle (the second!)  As some of you may recall my friend Sean walked into my place, saw the Gargoyle I had made for myself and loudly exclaimed, “I want one of those.  I don’t care if it’s lime green and pink.  I need one!!!”


I must admit I was tempted by the thought of making him green, but instead opted for something already in my stash (and I’m fresh out of lime green).


So instead he’s getting this little guy and I’m pretty sure he’s going to be way happier with this colour choice.


The pattern is Stone the Gargoyle and the updated version doesn’t have the pesky little mistake in it that mine has.  I added pipecleaners to the arms and legs to make them a little more pliable.  And I must say that was the most annoying part of the whole thing.

Overall it’s a very fast little knit and I always love it when I know what my friends want.  Makes life easier for both of us!!

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This is a Surprising Finish

I must admit that of all the projects that I have on the needles right now, this is the last one I expected to have finished this week.   I proudly present my finished pair of Fishbone Gansey.

Not the best picture. Sorry.

I love them and they fit like a dream.  And they really were the last thing on my to do list.  These are not Christmas Knitting and in my head I was saving them for the my Nerd Wars December entry into the WIPS category as they would snag me some team spirit points.  “Bored Now” is a quote from Evil Willow right before she goes completely off the rails of reality and also the name of the yarn.  But clearly, submitting these in December is not going to happen, and I have no concerns about my ability to add a different WIP or two for team points.

These came to be finished because of my chosen career.  I work with children.  Over 60 in any given day.  Most of them are under the age of 5.  For those of you who don’t have children of your own or work with them you need to understand that while children are wonderful little critters and I love my job, they are also little compact vectors of illness and contagions.  I go into work every day and am surrounded by tiny, highly concentrated plague carriers.  I remember reading a study recently that stated the teachers come into contact with more germs on a daily basis then doctors and nurses do.  Believe me, this is true.

Fairly certain that at this point  you all can figure out that I was at home sick for a couple of day this week. (Feeling better now.  Just a little trace of sniffles left over.)  I knew the only thing I had the energy for was to sit on the futon and watch movies and knit something very, very  simple.  There had to be no counting rows, or picking up stitches.  Cabling was out of the question and yarn overs were well beyond my mental focus.  So on Wednesday, I picked the socks back up.  The gusset shaping was almost finished and that left a foot worth of 3×1 ribbing.  By the end of The Deathly Hallows Part One I was close to the toe.   By the end of The Crazies I was putting the final touches on the Kitchener grafting as I was trying to figure out what to work on next.  (Yes honey.  I watched The Crazies again while knitting while I was sick.  I know that’s a little twisted.   And that’s why you love me right?)  The next project was going to be Little J’s Christmas gift, but after three false starts I figured it was really trying to tell me not to knit it and I have found a better Super Secret gift for Little J.

So there you have it.  I got sick and finished a pair of socks.  Another project of my Year of Projects list and another pair of socks to add to the 26 pair plunge.  (I’m just a tad concerned about my progress in that challenge.  Once the Christmas knitting is finished there will have to be a lot of sock knitting happening.)  But any progress is good progress.  Now back to the Christmas Knitting.

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And You Thought Zombies Would Take Over the World

This morning I woke up to a very strange noise.

Thank God we weren't felted!

Our new house mates made themselves right at home.

Quickly! To the wine rack!

Shortly after my friend arrived for the first Leafs game of the season.  (We won!!)  My minions have an odd way of making people feeling at home.

Huh. It's a good thing there are only 4 of us!

Everyone noticed that there was some tension between Maytal and Mabel.

Down in front!

Finally with some encouragement

Sometimes, we have to outnumber you to encourage you....

First contact was made

Soooo... uhhhh... Do you, um, come here.... often? Sometimes?

This is the start  of a beautiful friendship

Friends forever!

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