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FO Friday

My new favourite shawl! Finished just before Christmas. I was thinking of giving it to my MIL, but my Hubby insisted I keep it for myself. I am really happy he did.





Pattern:  Cladonia

Yarn: Austerman step classic

Indigodragonfly merino sock

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My Finished Mama Vertebrae

Early this week I mentioned that I would post a few more pictures of my new cardi.

The Pattern is Mama Vertebrae and the yarn is Indigodragonfly in a a very old  colourway named Turtle Slippers.

This is a very easy very fast little knit.  I love that the pattern includes modifications for multiple yarn types and I may be considering making a second one in sock yarn.  This would be a great first sweater project.  I highly recommend you check it out.





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Fine. You’re Getting a Corset

This past week one of my friends celebrated a birthday. Two days before the happy event I fired off a quick text message asking him what he wanted.  Mr. S responded by saying “nothing other than your company”.  (In reality the exchange was a little longer than that, and did involve me banging my head on the table.)  He did mention that he could always use another gargoyle to add to the ones I have already made him.

This was the first one.  It is kind've cute.

This was the first one. It is kind’ve cute.

I pointed out that I really can’t knit that quickly.  And full circle we went back to not really having an answer of any kind.

So later the next day I was looking up a pattern for Nerd Wars and found something that made my heart sing.  It was simple and fast and I had lots of ends in my stash that this would work for and I shouted “that’s what you’re  getting! Don’t ever tell me you don’t know what you want for your birthday!”

And in that moment a soda corset was born.

After a very little bit of knitting time this happened.


That’s my hubby doing the lacing. He said he wanted to help.

And then this happened.


And then when it was all said and done this happened.


Mr. S being a little cheeky. Also, he’s camera shy.

The point is that there is a lesson to be had here.  When your knitter type friend asks you what you want for your birthday, (especially if that knitter type friend is me), you’d best tell them.  We are a creative bunch and we have access to hundreds of free patterns.

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FO Friday – it’s Just a Little Late

In a perfect knitting world, every time you picked up your needles, you would know that everything would always work out.  You’d always get gauge.  You’d never run out of yarn or have to frog a project back.  Any gift you knit would always be the right colour, size, and fit and the recipient  would be worthy of the work.  The gift would also be on time and you would meet all your knitting deadlines with ease and grace.  Sadly though, we aren’t talking about the perfect knitting world.  We are talking about my knitting world and in my world my BFF received her Christmas present a little late.  Yesterday actually.  (But we  won’t deal on that).

She had already seen her gift as I had given her the option of having me knit it in front of her thus spoiling the surprise but greatly decreasing the length of time she would have to wait for the finished object.  Maybe I should do  the same thing for her birthday gift.  Sigh.

The pattern is Earth & Sky 

And I used Silky Wool



She’s being a little camera shy.

One last note on a perfect knitting world. You wouldn’t have my SIL’S pooch trying to help you  with your knitting  by sticking her nose smack in the middle of every ball you pull out of your knitting bag just long enough to sneeze in it. Every. Single. Time.


My name is Daisy. I steal birthday cupcakes and lick socks.

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A Baby Gargoyle for FO Friday

I really didn’t do very much Christmas knitting this year.  Serious restrictions in my knitting time due to a return to school and basically breaking my right thumb and spending 8 weeks in a brace really cramped the knitting style.

But there were a few shining lights in an otherwise (sadly) knitted gift free holiday.  This little guys was one of them.

baby Gargoyle

My friend has been asking me to make a buddy for the first gargoyle I made him a few years ago so this year I finally did.    My hubby drew the coat of arms to go with him.  This gargoyle did turn out very small compared to the first one.  He’s practically baby sized.  But, I think he’s darn cute and now Victor has a buddy.


This is Victor

Pattern (for both): Stone 

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FO Friday – Flowers on a Snowy Day

Today it snowed.  It’s probably not going to stay on the ground but it doesn’t  change the fact that for a while today large white flakes were falling from the sky.  It also doesn’t change the fact that I hate winter.  I hate the cold.  But even more than that, I hate the perpetual grey that comes with it.  The winter sun does little to improve the situation.  But, these little flowers might.  They are a memory and a promise of the warm, colourful days that lie just around the corner.

Made for Nerd Wars, there took almost no time at all and they can brighten even the ugliest of winter days.  You can read how to make them here.



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FO Friday – I Have got to get me One of These!!!!

Ah Nerd Wars.  You crazy, lovely group on Ravelry.  I knit things that I never thought I would knit because of you.  I am, as always, on Team Hellmouth (that’s the Buffy the Vampire Slayer group).  It’s a wonderful little group and through the tournaments they other members have become an online Nerd Wars family.  I know I can post something and ask for a tie-in to the show and within no time someone will have a reference for me.  I love that we get little virtual badges for completing  projects.  It’s like we are a merry band of mistfit girl guides collecting very specialized badges for our sashes.


This was for submitting my 6th project this tournament. I realize that I am sort of stating the obvious here.

And as much as I love my team and can’t think of any other team that I would want to be on enough to pull up my stakes and high tail it away from my other Hellmouth knitters, some of my favourite challenges occur when we have to knit something inspired my another geekdom and then tie it back to our own team.   This time it focused on a “tool or gadget” that would be helpful to one of the charactors in our geekdom.  Before I was even finished reading to the bottom of the description I knew that Xander really needed a Sonic Screwdriver.  (Really, who doesn’t)?


I mere few hours later I had this

For those of you not in the know, this is a Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who.  Here is my rationale behind it:  The first idea that popped into my head was the Xander really needs a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver. Being the only member of the Scoobie gang that doesn’t have any mystical powers to back him up, a physical object that makes things happen would be a perfect stocking stuffer him. So here it is, Xander’s Sonic Screwdriver.

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The Diva is in the House

I love fingerless gloves.  I may have a small addiction collection of them roaming around the flat.  I really have gloves of every length and for almost every occasion.  So when I say that theses may be my favourite pair of fingerless gloves ever, rest assured I have  fairly solid  grounds for that argument.

IMG_1651The pattern is Diva Mitts, (and yes Lynn, this is your doing)!! Both yarns are Indigodragonfly in one of the sock weights.  The red is the very first ever color I bought called I Am Not A Shrimp and the blue is You Punched the Highlights Right out of Her Hair.

IMG_1649These are a super fast and easy knit.  Even with my extreme free time constrains lately, I still managed to finish these in 14 days.


I almost had to chase her down the street to get these back!!

They are a lovely snug fit as the ribbing seems to conform to whatever hand puts them on.  I did make one small change.  The “belt” on my mitts is not removable and the button is sewn directly to the mitts.  There was no real reason for this except that I couldn’t be arsed to make a button-hole.

I highly recommend this mitts and they are a great way to use up ends.


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FO Friday – I Finally Took Some Photos!!!

This weeks finished object was technically “finished” in July.   At least the knitting part was anyway.  But, there were ends to weave in and blocking to do and that didn’t get finished until this past weekend.  That is unfortunately often the way of things in my knitting life.  I love finishing things.   But even  more than finishing, I  love starting something new and since this is a Christmas gift I just didn’t really have the motivation to put the final touches on it.  It  happen this past weekend because I, quite frankly, got irritated with having to continuously move the shawl  from the back of the sofa to the trunk and back again.  So now it’s finished and can sit in the Christmas Knitting gift box that lives in the closet.

Pattern: Wingspan

Yarn: Rowan Scottish tweed






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FO Friday – Baby Love

Normally I cringe at deadline knitting.  It’s the type of knitting that if I want to enjoy it at all I have to start  and finish it months in advance.  I didn’t manage to get this done that far in advance.  Realistically it may only be a few days in advance, but this  blanket was finished before Widget came into the world so I am considering this a huge success.

The pattern is Adventurine

The yarn is all various balls of knit picks that I had in my stash with a tiny bit of left over IndigoDragonfly to make up for the fact that one of my balls of grey went missing before I even cast the blanket on and I have never found it.  (Believe me, I tossed my entire stash looking for it.  It’s not there and then I had to clean the mess up.  I was really not impressed at all.  And before you start thinking that maybe I never had the ball in the first place, I confirmed with my Rav stash picture that I did have two.  I live in a one bedroom flat.  Tossing the yarn stash all over the living room is not something I do unless I really, really, have too).

But, even with that little set back, the blanket is finished.  I even weaved in all the ends.  I had threatened to make my BFF do that part since I had just knit an entire blanket for her soon to be here son 😉  (See how much I love you Ms. K?) At some point I will have a picture with a baby in it, but until then these will have to do.




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