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The Diva is in the House

I love fingerless gloves.  I may have a small addiction collection of them roaming around the flat.  I really have gloves of every length and for almost every occasion.  So when I say that theses may be my favourite pair of fingerless gloves ever, rest assured I have  fairly solid  grounds for that argument.

IMG_1651The pattern is Diva Mitts, (and yes Lynn, this is your doing)!! Both yarns are Indigodragonfly in one of the sock weights.  The red is the very first ever color I bought called I Am Not A Shrimp and the blue is You Punched the Highlights Right out of Her Hair.

IMG_1649These are a super fast and easy knit.  Even with my extreme free time constrains lately, I still managed to finish these in 14 days.


I almost had to chase her down the street to get these back!!

They are a lovely snug fit as the ribbing seems to conform to whatever hand puts them on.  I did make one small change.  The “belt” on my mitts is not removable and the button is sewn directly to the mitts.  There was no real reason for this except that I couldn’t be arsed to make a button-hole.

I highly recommend this mitts and they are a great way to use up ends.


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On My Needles & Between My Pages Sept 19th, 2012

On My Needles

There is no denying that autumn is in the air.  The nights are becoming blessedly cooler and the mornings are a little nippy.  I even remembered to have my favorite autumn boots taken into the cobbler to be resoled.  It must mean autumn in coming.  I love autumn.  In fact, if it didn’t indicate really scary things happening in the climate,  I would love to oscillate between summer and autumn all year round. (I certainly could do without winter).  I am also pretty sure it’s why Roam is suddenly back in my hands after a four-month rest.  I suddenly really want to finish this little Cardi and I even want to start another one.  I am blaming the cooler weather for this sudden turn of events in my knitting world.  I suppose that there could be other reasons too, but those seem far less straightforward then a chill in the air, and these days I am all about straightforward.  I have finished the “right front” section which means both the front and the back are finished and I have started the first sleeve.  I am still relatively slow at moss stitch, so I don’t expect any big miracle finishes, but I am hoping to have the sleeve off the needles sometime this week, assuming of course that I don’t get distracted by something else.


Hmmmm……Maybe I should change the name of this section from On My Needles to My Current Knitting Distraction.

Pattern: Roam

Yarn: IndigoDragonFly in Polwarth silk

Between My Pages

Normally I wouldn’t review a book that I have read for college.  However, Let Me Hear Your Voice by Catherine Maurice is a wonderful book that provides insight about a one family’s struggle with the diagnosis of Autism not once but twice, in a time when Autism was even less understood than it is now.  Written as a memoir by the mother, Maurice, it is unabashed and unapologetic about the emotional impact that the diagnosis has had on her family and friends, and the myriad of emotions that she has to struggle to deal with.  This book is a valuable read for anyone who is interested in the subject or is struggling with these issues in their own lives.  While ?? does repeatedly indicate that she can only write about her own family, and that what worked in their case may not work in all cases, there is still a great deal of wisdom between these pages.


Note all the little tabs. Could be helpful for the assignment that I have to write based on the book.

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On my Needles and Between my Pages May 16th

On My Needles

Roam has had an outstanding week on the needles.  The left front is finished and the right front is well on its way to completion.  I am hoping to be able to finish the front over the next few evenings and see a sleeve in my very near future.  I have also been able to devote a little time to Baby Oliver’s welcome to the world present and as long as he doesn’t do anything too foolish (like arrive a month early) I am confident that I will have the whole thing finished in time.  Once mum has seen it, I will happily share more than hints with all of you.  But until that happens, I can say it’s fun knitting and very bad blogging material.

Between My Pages

I would love to be able to report on The Night Circus this week.  I would love to be able to say that it is enticing and riveting and that I can’t put it down.  And realistically I am sure that is all of those things.  But, I can’t say any of that because this last week pretty much all of my reading time has been devoted to this.

That’s right, I have gone  back to school and am studying behavioural therapy.  The only reason most of my time has been devoted to only one textbook is because the college didn’t receive the second book I needed in time for the beginning of our classes so I’m only reading this one and a whole lot of supplemental readings for both classes.  As far as textbooks go, it’s pretty darn interesting if you have a background in psychology.  I am hoping that I will have the other textbook by the end of the week and that I can catch up on the readings that I should have already done by now and that I will be back to my regularly scheduled posts next week.

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FO Friday – Different Lines

It feels like forever since I’ve posted a Finished Object on a Friday.  As usual this has been finished for a while but it needed to be blocked and photographed.  I used one skein of each colour and could have easily added a few more stripes as I had a very generous amount of yarn left over.

The Pattern: Different Lines

Yarn: IndigoDragonfly MCN Sock (Colour Kathleen Turner Overdrive)

IndigoDragonfly Merino Sock (Colour Captain Tightpants)

Overall, this is a very easy, fast knit.  Almost too easy as I think that part of the reason it’s not longer is that I needed to move on to something a little bit more challenging.  But, I’m please with the final product and happy to have it for the autumn.

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A Terrified Sweater Knitter Makes a Back

A major accomplishment has happened.  The terrified sweater knitter has made a back. Let me say that again in case you missed it: I. Made. A. Back!!!!!  And even more exciting, it’s going to be the right size!
See, here it is:

I had thought about taking photos from a bunch of angles, but then I thought about it for a second and realized that this is probably not the best idea (or at least not the most sane).

But look how happy I am!

And you know the best part (’cause in my opinion there’s still more and you all think I’m a little unbalanced anyway so why not keep going)?  Nothing bad happened while I was knitting it.  Nothing burst into flames, elves did come out of the wall while I slept and hack the knitting to bits or hide my yarn (but they didn’t clean the kitchen either – sigh), and I didn’t get eaten by wolves. But you know what did happen? I made a back!!!

And even better (yes, that’s right, this is even better than the best part)? Now I’m making a front. Soon after that, there will be sleeves and a hood. It’s pure madness. Warm and cozy green madness.

Pattern: Roam

Yarn: Indigodragonfly Polwarth Silk 

Sometimes if You’re Really Patient You End up with an Awesome Story and You Get to Make Your Friend Cry

I am beyond excited to finally be able to share this with everyone. We (a large group of knitters) have had to keep this under wraps for months and months. It almost killed us. We have no idea how we pulled this off. But we did and as far as I am concerned it proves that the world is a better place for having knitters in it.

A few months ago our beloved Kim a.k.a indigodragonfly announced that she and her boy were going to walk down the aisle and join the land of the married folk. We were all thrilled for them. They are an amazing couple who deserve a life of happiness together.

Almost immediately the plotting began. What do we do for our friend? And within a short period of time we decided and agreed to knit them a blanket. We thought just to add irony to the whole thing we would use her yarn. There had to be a little scheming here as Kim knows us all and she’s a pretty darn smart lady, so we enlisted the help of her fiancée and set one knitter up to order the yarn from Kim. Well, our buyer was mighty convincing and Kim had no idea that while she was meticulously picking out skeins that worked perfectly together, she was actually picking out colours for herself.

So on a stifling hot day in the summer the blanket started to take shape and we finally presented it to Kim at the retreat this weekend. And, I can finally share this wonderful journey here.


It started off like this


And then we broke out the ball winders, five in total, and started winding


eventually, we all had our little piles to take home. There are about five people missing from this photo


At some point we all ended up with a finished strip


Then it was time to organize


We came up with this. There are two different sized strips in the blanket and everyone knew if they were knitting short and stubby or long and thin


When it was finished, it was shoved in a bag and presented to Kim. Note the confusion on her face. She knows we're up to something, but she can't work out what, exactly.


And then she was happy!


And in a little bit of shock


And then we made her cry. We got a little concerned 'cause she didn't stop until she hugged all of us


And in the end the blanket was finished. It was worth every second of work and effort.

Just wanted to point out, there is no pattern. We were inspired by something we saw and made our own. There are two sets of strips. Each had a certain number of stitches cast on and were knit to a certain length. I don’t know those numbers any more. There was also no rules for how the colours were used in each strip. We all just did what felt right.

Just wanted to add, we love you two. Our lives our a brighter and warmer place because you are in it. And I only hope that on some small level we all returned some of that to you. And I wish you many years of happiness and joy and snuggles.


A Wonderful Weekend Away

This past weekend was what has become the annual winter retreat weekend in Halliburton organized by Indigodragonfly for a few of her closest knitting buddies. Kim used to live here in the city and then moved out to the country a few years ago, but she remains incredibly close to most of us. So once a year a small group of us pile into cars and vans and leave the city, the spouses, and any children old enough to be mobile and make the pilgrimage to our friend. We rent a cottage and knit and eat and drink and chat and laugh and knit some more.

The trip begins by shoving everything we need into a van and driving up the highway into the country.

The van ride was filled with knitting and Tim Horton breaks but eventually we reached the cottage and this year we also found winter (which really has not come to the city this year, so we had to go visit it, too).

This is how a normal Canadian winter looks

Then we settled in and ate huge amounts of home-made food and knit and stayed in our jammies way longer than you would on a normal day.

Every year Kim brings us tons of yarn to play with and this year she even brought us little goodie bags.

Just a small sampling of what was actually there


The yarn wasn't part of the goodie bag.

I showed amazing restraint and only came home with five balls and all are slotted for projects.

There was a community knitting project this year and people could just pick up a corner and join in.

I finished my flutter-bye socks and wore them all weekend. (More photos to come of those). And I started my march shawl. (I’ll post that on Wednesday).


Hanging with my friend's sweater pieces

This year ended with a little adventure as we had to push one of the cars about 300 yards up a snow-covered driveway/hill to get it to the highway since CAA (roadside assistance) decided that we didn’t actually require help in that matter. We did get the car off the hill and it was a beautiful winter day so no one froze in the process. My BFF was excused from the whole thing as she is kind of pregnant and pregnant ladies should never push cars!


Victorious at the top of the hill!

A big thank you to Kim for bringing us all together! As always, it was a wonderful weekend that ended far too soon. We’ve already started planning next year.

On My Needles & Between my Pages

On My Needles

This weekend coming is one of my favourite weekends of the year.  I get to hop in a car with some other knitters and we drive for a couple of hours out of the city and end up with a bunch of other knitters and we all sit around a knit and talk and eat and drink and knit.  We laugh a lot.  We knit a lot.  And since this little meet up is the brain child of Kim (a.k.a Indigodragonfly) she or more correctly her man brings up tons and tons or yarn and seasons of Buffy and whatever else 12 knitters in a huge “cabin” could need for the weekend.  And he’s close enough to be on call.

I am trying to be reasonable about the number of projects that come with me.  And I think I have it nailed down to three.  My flutter-by socks, the craziness that I cast on this weekend, (more about that tomorrow), and the Oeste by Stephen West.  For that one I will be using one of my skeins of “Now Accepting Application for Minions” and the two gorgeous skeins that were brought back for me when my BFF headed off to New Zealand last year.


I am hoping to get most of the socks and the scarf finished, but I do have this little tendency to be overly confident in my speed and knitting agility so I’ll just have to play that one by ear.

Between my pages

Not much of an update here.  Still reading the Worst Hard Time and have also started reading Purification, the third book in a zombie series that I started reading over the summer.  I would like to point out that my music library and my reading library have much in common.  Both are very diverse and a little eclectic..  Enjoying both books for different reasons and will post full reviews when they are finished.

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On My Needles & Between my Pages Feb 15, 2012

On my Needles

So I skipped last weeks post as  I realized it was going to read something like, “if you want to know what’s going on, here’s my post from the week before.”  It’s not that progress hadn’t been made, it’s just that not much had really changed.  This week I am pleased to say that the first half of the Algonquin scarf is finished.  Through there were moments when I felt like a turtle stoned on Valium would be able to knit this scarf faster than I could, it did eventually hit that magical sweet spot where I stopped arguing with every row and real progress was made.  I have also stopped referring to it as the “insert whatever nasty words you can think of here (and maybe make up a few new ones) scarf” enjoyed knitting it.  The second half has not yet been cast on as I got side tracked by my Flutter-by socks.  But, I know that a few days of a break will actually make the scarf happen faster in the long run.  I’m pleased with the scarf thus far and the yarn is super soft to knit with.  It’s  a pleasure to have in my hands.

Between My Pages

The Worst Hard Time is still holding my attention.  It is completely captivating.  Though I haven’t had the time to read more than a few pages at once, it is an absolutely engrossing read.  I am both shocked and intrigued by the conditions that people in North America lived in not so long ago.  The blatant level of government corruption is astounding and sadly not that dissimilar to what happens now.  However, the effects aren’t so directly visible.  The ability of Teddy Roosevelt to turn the tides of the depression is admirable and the history lesson that I am getting from this book is invaluable.  This book has yet to become boring or preachy and I am enjoying every page.  (Well, expect for the pages about the homesteaders having to sweep the centipedes and tarantulas out of there sod dugouts when the drought got really bad.  I didn’t enjoy that page much at all!)

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12 in 2012; One down, 11 to Go

The first of my 12 in 12 shawls is finished.  I am pleased to say the the seemingly never-ending rows of moss stitch on the Flavia did in fact end.  They lead to a 500 stitch border which was initially very daunting and did result in me texting my husband and telling him that I was seriously considering tossing the whole damn thing under the wheels of the car and driving over it a few times.  I refrained from actually doing that and instead picked up the stitches that I needed and made the border.  (Remarkably, I was only missing one stitch!) And it was worth every moment.  I am super pleased with the final shawl.  I’m going to post pictures in the next week as I still haven’t blocked it.

Unblocked and needing it's ends weaved in.

But, on to number two.  Number two is Arroway by Stephen West.  Aside from having reached the Fair Isle colour work section of the shawl and being slowed down a little, the shawl has been going swimmingly.  It has had, up until this point, the perfect balance of mindless and interesting that means that it comes off the needles relatively quickly.  And just at the point where I was beginning to think that I was getting too bored to carry on, Mr. West threw in some two stranded colourwork and now I’m not bored.  And I love the colours of this shawl.

I’m using two shades of Indigodragonfly’s MCN Sock.  The darker of the two is “Who’s a Guy Gotta Kill Around Here to Get a Drink” (it’s an Angel reference), and “Hi I’m Fred.”  These are not two colours that I ever would have put together.  But fortunately, I have a very helpful Hubby. When I went to him and said, “This is what I’m making.  I want the colours to pop” he told me to give him everything that had the right yardage in it, and this is what he came up with.  I was a little skeptical at first (I’m really good at picking colours that blend.  Colours that pop were outside my comfort zone), but I realized very quickly that much like the colour of the bedroom walls, (I was pretty skeptical about that too), I loved these two colours together.  The really good thing is that I had no idea what I was going to use Fred for.  He was clearly stash and now he is happy in the shawl.

So far, I am on track with the 12 shawls in 2012 challenge.  I tip my needles to those who are already on shawls #3 & 4! I think the fact that I know what my next shawl is going to be (Walnut Grove) and that the balls are wound is enough of an accomplishment all by itself.