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On My Needles & Between My Pages Sept 19th, 2012

On My Needles

There is no denying that autumn is in the air.  The nights are becoming blessedly cooler and the mornings are a little nippy.  I even remembered to have my favorite autumn boots taken into the cobbler to be resoled.  It must mean autumn in coming.  I love autumn.  In fact, if it didn’t indicate really scary things happening in the climate,  I would love to oscillate between summer and autumn all year round. (I certainly could do without winter).  I am also pretty sure it’s why Roam is suddenly back in my hands after a four-month rest.  I suddenly really want to finish this little Cardi and I even want to start another one.  I am blaming the cooler weather for this sudden turn of events in my knitting world.  I suppose that there could be other reasons too, but those seem far less straightforward then a chill in the air, and these days I am all about straightforward.  I have finished the “right front” section which means both the front and the back are finished and I have started the first sleeve.  I am still relatively slow at moss stitch, so I don’t expect any big miracle finishes, but I am hoping to have the sleeve off the needles sometime this week, assuming of course that I don’t get distracted by something else.


Hmmmm……Maybe I should change the name of this section from On My Needles to My Current Knitting Distraction.

Pattern: Roam

Yarn: IndigoDragonFly in Polwarth silk

Between My Pages

Normally I wouldn’t review a book that I have read for college.  However, Let Me Hear Your Voice by Catherine Maurice is a wonderful book that provides insight about a one family’s struggle with the diagnosis of Autism not once but twice, in a time when Autism was even less understood than it is now.  Written as a memoir by the mother, Maurice, it is unabashed and unapologetic about the emotional impact that the diagnosis has had on her family and friends, and the myriad of emotions that she has to struggle to deal with.  This book is a valuable read for anyone who is interested in the subject or is struggling with these issues in their own lives.  While ?? does repeatedly indicate that she can only write about her own family, and that what worked in their case may not work in all cases, there is still a great deal of wisdom between these pages.


Note all the little tabs. Could be helpful for the assignment that I have to write based on the book.

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YOP Update Sept 16th, 2012

No finishes this week in the fibre world for me.   But, I have finished some work for my next two classes so the week has still been pretty successful.  And, even with being back in class and having to play catch up since I didn’t receive my access codes until four days into the classes, I have managed to find some knitting time.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’m back in my own classroom teaching again or the fact that the weather is cooling off and certainly turning from summer to autumn, but I have been feeling the urge to get Roam back on the needles.    The second front half is almost complete despite it’s best efforts to be a thorn in my side and forcing me to frog back about twenty rows.  I am still convinced it’s going to be a disaster in the end as I firmly established here but that call of a completed cardi is becoming too much for me to ignore so it has my love again.  I also may have cast on my Hubby’s sweater in a fit of startitis.  The first sleeve in almost finished, (I’m using it as my swatch),  and it’s going to be a lovely, warm, rather rustic sweater and so far he seems to like it.

Hope everyone has had a great fibre week.

A Year of Projects the Sequel 


  • Stained glass mittens
  • Fiddle Heads
  • Cherie
  • Slippers – mom
  • Rattlesnake creek
  • Roam
  • Oliver’s Blanket  (finished Sept 2012)
  • Noro Log Cabin (finished Aug 2012)
  • Algonquin
  • Walnut Grove
  • Masonic Lodge Socks


  • Stage Door
  • Central Park Hoodie
  • Angural Cardi
  • Julia
  • Iced
  • Wallis
  • Bohus
  • Jon’s Sweater (for DH) (In Progress)
  • Burr

Shawls (12 in 12)

  • #7 Cliff of insanity
  • #8 Earth and Sky
  • #9 Wingspan (Finished July 2012)
  • #10 Colour affection (Finished Aug 2012)
  • #11 Turnagain (In Progress)
  • #12 Jagged Edge


  • Jaywalker (Finished Aug 2012)
  • Lenore
  • Carousel (In Progress)
  • Fargyles (In Progress)
  • Staked
  • Flutter Bye’s
  • Aargon
  • Nutkin
  • Cubist socks
  • Annapurna


  • Locksley
  • Stephen West gloves
  • Willow mitts
  • Ellipses
  • Frankenstein (In Progress)
  • Hypernova
  • Anne Hanson fingerless gloves


5/43 Complete

14/38 In Progress

Dishcloth challenge


Balls in/out

2/12.5  July

19/4  August

0/11 Sept

On my Needles and Between my Pages May 16th

On My Needles

Roam has had an outstanding week on the needles.  The left front is finished and the right front is well on its way to completion.  I am hoping to be able to finish the front over the next few evenings and see a sleeve in my very near future.  I have also been able to devote a little time to Baby Oliver’s welcome to the world present and as long as he doesn’t do anything too foolish (like arrive a month early) I am confident that I will have the whole thing finished in time.  Once mum has seen it, I will happily share more than hints with all of you.  But until that happens, I can say it’s fun knitting and very bad blogging material.

Between My Pages

I would love to be able to report on The Night Circus this week.  I would love to be able to say that it is enticing and riveting and that I can’t put it down.  And realistically I am sure that is all of those things.  But, I can’t say any of that because this last week pretty much all of my reading time has been devoted to this.

That’s right, I have gone  back to school and am studying behavioural therapy.  The only reason most of my time has been devoted to only one textbook is because the college didn’t receive the second book I needed in time for the beginning of our classes so I’m only reading this one and a whole lot of supplemental readings for both classes.  As far as textbooks go, it’s pretty darn interesting if you have a background in psychology.  I am hoping that I will have the other textbook by the end of the week and that I can catch up on the readings that I should have already done by now and that I will be back to my regularly scheduled posts next week.

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A Terrified Sweater Knitter Makes a Back

A major accomplishment has happened.  The terrified sweater knitter has made a back. Let me say that again in case you missed it: I. Made. A. Back!!!!!  And even more exciting, it’s going to be the right size!
See, here it is:

I had thought about taking photos from a bunch of angles, but then I thought about it for a second and realized that this is probably not the best idea (or at least not the most sane).

But look how happy I am!

And you know the best part (’cause in my opinion there’s still more and you all think I’m a little unbalanced anyway so why not keep going)?  Nothing bad happened while I was knitting it.  Nothing burst into flames, elves did come out of the wall while I slept and hack the knitting to bits or hide my yarn (but they didn’t clean the kitchen either – sigh), and I didn’t get eaten by wolves. But you know what did happen? I made a back!!!

And even better (yes, that’s right, this is even better than the best part)? Now I’m making a front. Soon after that, there will be sleeves and a hood. It’s pure madness. Warm and cozy green madness.

Pattern: Roam

Yarn: Indigodragonfly Polwarth Silk 

3KCBWDAY5 Something a Bit Different

I would like to welcome you all to this evening’s meeting of the Unloved Knits group, and I would like to introduce our newest member, Whendidibecomeaknitter’s Roam Cardigan.

(Roam steps sheepishly up to the podium to wool muffled applause.)

“My name is Roam, and I really hope that one day when I grow up I will be a lovely warm cardigan that my knitter will wear with pride.  I hope that I will keep the cold drafts away from her and make her feel cozy at the end of a long day.  I want to be her go – to cardi, you know, the sweater she grabs without a second thought on her way out the door in the morning because I fit so well and I look so good.”

(Other partially knitted garments bob in agreement.)

“But, here’s the problem.  It’s not that my knitter doesn’t love me, it’s that she’s scared of me.  She tried really hard and bought a yarn that she knew she would love and thought that would help.  But then the horrible memories of the nasty Noro sweater she made for herself crept back into her thoughts and she was terrified that I would take her down that same road of hard work and anticipation, only for her to be left sobbing into my wool before banishing  me to the back of the closet but unfortunately not out of her mind.  I have tried to point out that my knitter has successfully knit four other sweaters that fit the recipients and that are all worn with love and pride.  She is still convinced that in the end, I will not work out for her.”

(Another knitter’s sweater in the audience purses her stitches together and sadly sways back and forth in resignation.)

“But, I have been taking steps to help my knitter.  I started by getting gauge.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it, because we all know how tricky it is.  But I pulled it off!  This made her happy and she rewarded me with more time in her hands and less time in the basket.  I have also been sneaking into her bed with her on cold nights and snuggling up to her to show her just how much I love her and how well I will keep her warm when I am finished.”

“I haven’t figured out what I will do to help her overcome her dread of joining my sleeves, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.  My hope for now is that I can stay here with you and get ideas to help support and love my knitter through this trying and challenging time.”

(Roam goes back to its seat getting my loving pats along the way.  A nearly triangular afghan starts asking quiet questions about gauge.)

Thank you for your story Roam, and know that you are welcome here as often as you need to be.  And I wish both you and your knitter luck with the path you have chosen to go down.  And now I turn the floor over to Out of My Knitter’s Comfort Zone sock, whom I see this week has brought most of a twin sister along!

Tale of a Terrified Sweater Knitter: Episode One

After writing my post earlier this week about my dirty little knitting secret, I realized that I am terrified to keep working on my Cardigan.  The fear that I am going to put a bucket load of work into something that I am never going to finish, (or almost as bad,  finish and then hate) is enough to make me ignore the pretty yarn and pretty needles.  I hate that almost more than the thought of making something that I am displeased with.  So I have decided that the best course of action is to make a weekly goal of writing and photographing my progress.  Since I don’t want each week to read, “Roam still lying untouched on the end of the coffee table, or sweater moved from coffee table to end table where it remained unloved and taunted me loudly every time I had to walk past it to leave the room” I figured that I should work on it a little each week and share my ups and downs with the whole thing with the ultimate goal of having something complete at the end of it.

So, this week I have almost finished the two-inch border on the back.  So far it’s not horrid.  I haven’t  burst into tears or forgotten the pattern.  Nothing has spontaneously combusted and my head has yet to explode causing my brain to ooze out of my ears.  ( The absolutely ridiculous thought for me in all of this is that I am willing to knit myself a Bohus sweater, but the thought of doing this little cardi makes me want to curl up and hide under a rock.)

So with all of you I am going to share this personal sweater phobia and maybe you can join in and knit something that scares you too and by the end of it there will be many pretty things for all of us to share and celebrate.

I Have a Dirty Little Knitting Secret

I don’t knit sweaters for myself.  I did once.  It was Noro and not particularly the most enjoyable knit.  And then I had to add the sleeves to the body and what little love I had for the whole thing went out the window.  I’ve worn the sweater once just to say that yes I have worn it and have pretty much refused to touch it since.  (Though I am seriously considering reclaiming the wool at some point.) The bottom line is this.  I hate that sweater.  I hate the fact that I put all that effort into something that was turned out so awful.  I hated the entire experience enough that I have yet to successfully complete another sweater for myself.

I have successfully knit four other sweaters.  One for my mother and three for my husband.  I can say that for each one of them there is an element of the finished product that I am not pleased with. (Don’t ever let a store clerk, no matter how nice she is, convince you that you will like a colour more once you start knitting it.  You won’t and every time  you look at the very pretty cabled sweater that you made for your spouse and the only thing you will think is ‘I wish it wasn’t that colour’.)  But none of them are horrible failures and I don’t cringe at the thought of  other people seeing the sweaters walking around in public.  (Just for the record, the one and only time I did wear the sweater I made myself out in public the other three people who saw it all made a comment about how horrid the sleeves and shoulders were and that if that could be fixed it would be a nice sweater.  This did not shock or upset me.  It just confirmed that I was right.)  So I know that I can knit sweaters.  I can cast on a sweater, work the body and the sleeves, put the decreases in the right spots, add some cabling, make a collar, seam the whole thing together and have a finished product.  I know I can do it.  I just can’t do it for myself.

Apparently, this is an issue.  It’s just not really an issue for me.  But apparently it’s some sort of anomaly that I would rather see my sweaters on my husband then on myself.  I see sweater patterns that I would like for myself and think how nice it would be to knit and have and then I think about what happened the first time and the fact that I work with very young children so I am really never going to wear a handknit sweater because the thought of  little painted fingers or runny noses getting anywhere near a handknit sweater makes me a little sick and that it’s probably not the best thing for me to burst into tears in front of the children (it gets kids really upset if their teachers cry in front of them, trust me on this one).  Then I move onto the next pattern and make myself a shawl or a wrap or gloves.  Stuff I like to knit for myself.

I have cast on other cardis for myself.  The ill fated Featherweight was such a nightmare that even though I had well over 1/2 the body finished and both sleeves finished, I frogged the whole thing.  I really, really don’t enjoy knitting lace weight on that large of needles.  And the Wallis cardi only sees action when the project bag has to be moved so I can get to something else.  Yet somehow, I’ve cast on Roam.  I have no idea why.  (I realize that it can be pointed out that I have both the yarn and the pattern and that it’s on my YOP list.)  But I don’t really know why.

I’m going to try really hard to stick with this.  I realize that one some level I have PTSD (Post Traumatic Sweater Disorder) going on and that maybe if I can break through that I can think about the Central Park Hoodie or the Inaugural sweater.   And I can have lots of pretty cardis for the autumn and spring that I can wear to and from work without having to wear at work and that I can snuggle under when I’m cold.  I can get lots of yarn out of my stash, therefore freeing up space.   I will try to be positive and hopeful and truly believe that this will work out okay.  Because I do know one thing.  If the final product reduces me to tears and gets tossed in the back of the closest, my husband had better be willing to wear red, ’cause I’ve got 14 balls that will never be a sweater otherwise.