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It’s Barely Even a WIP

Nine rounds. I made it nine whole rounds before these were tossed aside. I don’t even know why these were tossed aside.

I love the yarn. Love it. The pattern is going to be awesome when it’s done. These socks are completely me. A little lacy. A little gothy. An awesome colour. These are me.

But for some reason I started and stopped and then left them alone for way too long. Indecision? Knitting polygamy at it finest? Commitment issues? The moon and the stars weren’t aligned in a way that encouraged finishing? (Let’s go with the last one. That covers a lot of ground for all of us)!

Whatever the reason these are the next on the WIP list too be finished. I only have a pair of socks minus nine rounds to go.




Yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight fingering

Pattern: Vincent Price’s Happy Place

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Somehow I Knew it Would be Socks

It’s been a while. A long while. There were times in the last few months that I thought about writing again, that little nagging voice in the back corner  of my brain urging me back to the keyboard. But in all truth, I just wasn’t that inspired. I have been knitting, but the groove wasn’t there.  So I waited.  I felt a little guilty when people would ask me when I was going to write again and was flattered when they told me that they missed my blog.  But I waited, knowing that at some point that light would go on and things would click and I would type and words would flow.  And really, because it’s me, I should have known it would be socks.  Socks would bring me back to the fold.  Socks would be my downfall.

I didn’t know it would be these socks when I started them on Saturday.  But by the time I was finished the first one yesterday, (Yes that would be Monday.  And yes you did read that right. I knit a whole sock in just over a day), I knew.  I thought about taking pictures of hourly progress, but I would have had to put the socks down and that wasn’t going to happen.  But let tell you, these socks are freaking magnificent!!!!

So without further adieu, allow my to introduce you to Lumberjack


I love these and since they are made with a heavier gage yarn, the knit up super, crazy fast. Four episodes of Nightvale Radio and the leg was finished. That’s just over an hour. Hour and a half maybe. And I was staring, actually gawking, at the fact that I was a mere three rows away from the heel. Also, I sort of think that these might be the cutest damn, (really autocorrect? I am a grown woman! Yes I mean damn and not dam! I don’t want to make dam socks! What fibre would you even use for that)? Socks that I have made in a super long time. Another huge plus, all that ribbing makes them super flexible with the sizing and if you’re like me and have a sock recipient that has slightly different size feet, these are super awesome.


I will agree with the husband though. Not everybody will get these socks. Non fibre people will likely look at them and shake their heads. You made work socks? The same socks you can get by the bag full for pennies? I sort of envision the whole exchange going down like a Nature of Things special voiced over by Morgan Freeman.
“Note how the sock recipient proudly displays his socks for the non fibre person to admire. This is akin to a plumage display by a peacock and serves two very important purposes. First, it allows the wild knitter’s work to be on display thus allowing her or him to have fibre dominance over the situation. Secondly, it shows the world that the recipient has already been claimed by a knitter and therefore if any other knitter wishes to enter this territory permission must be requested and granted. Watch how the wild knitter answers with confidence, his or hers eye narrowing ever so slightly, “why yes. I did make those.” An astute observer will note the fleeting look of supremacy on the wild fibre person. And as it always happens, the non fibre person sheepishly nods and agrees before slowly backing away. And the wild knitter and the sock recipient smile at each other knowing a secret that the scientific community has yet to decipher”.

And we do. We know the secret. We know that hand knit socks will always be better than store bought socks. We know that these knit up super fast and that they weren’t mass produced by some exploited laborer stuck in crappy working conditions so we could have 25 cent socks that last two months before looking like they were attacked by the mother of all moths. We know that love makes socks warmer. I know that these socks are awesome, and now, so do you.

Because I know that people will be curious, the yarn is Tanis Fibre arts yellow label in sand and poppy. And yes there is only one sock right now. The second looks like this.


But, I have no fear. It will be finished later today.

You Can Never Have Too Many Socks

Just in time for the weather to start getting colder, I have another pair of finished socks to add to my collection.  Ten days from start to finish, these are super fast and fun to knit.  I’d like to say that I looked at my stash and decided that the yarn I used would make an excellent pairing for this pattern.  But in reality, it was already in a cake and on the top of the pile and I was too lazy at that moment to dig out my swift and winder and look for a different skein.  So I grabbed it and knit away.  And I have to say that the final product turned out just fine.

Pattern: Hermione’s Everyday Socks

Yarn:  Indigodragonfly MCN: The Sock-quel




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It’s Not Good When You Share the Crazy

The other day my husband looked at me and said something to the effect of ‘I have the next crazy knitting project for you. In fact, you could even do it at the same time as the Epic Blanket of Insanity”. For all of you who have been, or currently are in, a long time committed relationship with a spouse with whom you share space, you know why the hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up……..only one of you should be certifiable at a time and when it comes to the skeins and skeins and skeins of yarn in this flat, I have a fairly solid hold on the title of certifiable. I make no attempts to hide the fact that I: a) have an addiction, b) am slightly OCD about knitting, c) that I completely overestimate my knitting abilities and have vast and wonderful delusions of what I can accomplish at any given time and d) I am at times very irrational when it comes to my knitting (Refer back to points a,b, & c for clarification). I did have enough time to think, before he finished his thought, “there is no way you can come up with something crazier than the stuff I come up with every day. In fact some of it is so crazy that I don’t even say it out loud”.  But then he finished his thought, and you know what?  It’s crazy.  He looked at me and said “you should make 365 pairs of handknit socks.” My response was something incoherent and mumbly and then he said “come on it’s not like you weren’t going to do that anyway!”  Ummmmm…………… (just for the record my husband is not a lunatic or an idiot. He sees me knit and knows how long it takes to make something. He wasn’t really serious, I think). (Ed. Note: I was. Totally serious. At her current rate of sock production It’ll probably take a couple of decades. I’ll wait.  It’s probably going to be the best ‘I told you so I’ll ever get.)

But, that idea is in my head and as crazy as it is, I can’t get it out. Think of how darn pretty 365 pairs of socks would be.  Just think about if for a minute.  Now, assuming that you have no sock patterns is your collection already, Ravelry has 2,813 free knitted sock patterns at your fingertips which is way more than you need.  So even if you eliminated all the socks you didn’t like, chances are that you would still have enough patterns to print off and make the 365 pair quota. And, you would never have to worry about your project being to big to take out of the house. (Unless you decide knit for an elephant in which case you’re on your own, and I pass the crazy torch over to you.)  Socks can just be tossed in a purse or bag, and they are great on public transit and planes. You would never have to think about what to knit next, because socks!

But, I am the first to admit that there are a large number of logistical problem with this idea.  I don’t have 365 skeins of sock yarn.  Even if I started by counting 11 pairs of socks that I have made and kept (the other ones were gifts) that still leaves me needing to make 354 pairs of socks.  I don’t have that many skeins of sock yarn either.  I don’t have a way to store that many skeins of yarn. Furthermore, that many skeins of yarn won’t do me a lick of good if I am so weak from lack of food that I can’t lift a pair of needles.  Also, I don’t wear socks 365 days of the year.  I love to be barefoot.  I am barefoot as often as possible.  I walk barefoot on the beach, and sometimes down the side-walk. I even walked down a mountainside in the Taiwanese jungle barefoot. (I figured if the Monks could do it so could I, and since I didn’t realize that the day was going to include hiking I had very inappropriate footwear on. It was far more dangerous being in flipflops than barefoot.  Just trust me on that one.)  So that reduces the number from 365 to let’s say 200 at most.  So assuming that I decided on 200 pairs of socks I would still have to contend with buying the yarn, storing the yarn and knitting the yarn.

Furthermore, unlike the lovely Yarn Harlot who can make a sock in a day,  I don’t seem to have that gift. (I really need to figure out how she does that!)  Even a very easy sock takes me about 6 days.  So just to keep the math easy let’s round it up to two weeks/pair.  Which equals two/month.  Which equals 24/year.  365/15 = 15.8 years (Ed. again: Huh.  I was over by half a decade.  She has more done already than I thought.  I can totally wait out fifteen years.  OK, so 15.8 is more like 16.  Still doable.)  I would like to think that I would be much faster as time went on and maybe we could knock a whole year off.   But, then you’d have to add at least a year back on to account for socks that wore out and were past the point of darning.  There’s just no winning here.

So a year of socks? No.  A month of socks? Yes.  I would like to have a month’s worth of hand knit socks in my drawer at all times.  There is one pair of my 11 that for multiple reasons would not be kept (that’s a whole other post) and one pair that has lost its mate.  It’s been months and I still can’t give up on keeping the other sock in hopes that its rogue partner somehow reappears.  So I have 9 pairs and I want 30.  So 21 pairs more.  Now that’s more doable.

The Horror!!!!!!

A Knitting Horror Story

A retelling  in photos with a mostly happy ending.  (I know; spoilers, sweetie.  I’d make a terrible movie director)


The horror!!!!!!! Cover your eyes and run screaming into the night!!!!!


“Have no fear, fair knitter! It’s Darning Egg to the rescue!”
(Go ahead and insert you’re own heroic music here)


And his trusty sidekick Prince Hooks A-Lot!


See, things are already less frightening than they were.


Not perfect, (this is my first attempt at darning ever), but very wearable and it looks far less butchered then the picture makes it out to be.  I did not actually create the Quasimodo of  the darning world.


Since the horror unfolded I have washed the socks (in the machine) once and worn them twice and the darning is still going strong!!!!!  And thank you to my BFF to convinced my to buy a darning egg long before I needed it.  My advice to all the sock knitters out there is the same as hers was to me:  buy an egg now.  You’ll be thankful you have it when the time comes that your own socks decide to audition for a role in the sequel (Knitting Horror Story II: The Return!).

On My Needles & Between my Pages

On My Needles

I had a really hard time figuring out what WIP to focus on this week.  Probably because I am still slightly overwhelmed by the number of WIPS that I have and really don’t feel like talking about any of them.  I did however finally decide on this little fellow.


This is my worsted weight sock Fargyle.  Since taking this picture I have frogged it back to the start because I am going to use the second ball for the cuff, heel, and toe.  Originally I thought I could do the small size, but the length will be too short and since both balls are one off custom dye lots, it’s not like I can get more anytime soon.  I am hoping that a combination of the two balls will provide the extra yardage that I need to make the sock a wearable length.

Between My Pages

(ed. note: No spoilers in the comments, please.  I love my lady wife dearly, but she’s not a patient woman.  I’ve actually put a fair amount of work into not letting any details slip about books she hasn’t read yet, despite badgering and provocation.  I’d really appreciate it if you could help me out with that.  The suspense, that is.  Not the badgering.  Or the provocation.  She needs no help with those.  Especially before coffee.)


I have finally moved onto the Song of Ice and Fire series and have almost finished the first novel A Game of Thrones.  Stunningly written, as one of my friends said:  “it’s not just a page turner, it’s a chapter turner.”  Having watched the first two seasons of the TV adaptation on HBO, I am even more impressed by the casting choices that were made to bring the characters to life.  My goal at this point is to have the third book finished before the third seasons airs and I sorely regret not having read the first three books all those many years ago when I bought them for my DH for Christmas.  These are addictive and a must read if you enjoy fantasy novels.  Just prepare yourself, Martin has a special way of making his despicable characters downright horrid.  (I actually had to ask my Husband if a certain character makes it through the first book because I needed to come to terms with having to see or read anything about that person because I found the individual so incredibly offputting.)  All of his characters have flaws that make them easy to love and hate and get really really angry with.  In fact Ned Stark my be the only character in any novel ever that I have cussed out for being a pig headed fool stuck on his notions of pride and chivalry, or more to the point, cussed out at all.  It just never happens.  And for the glory of the seven kingdoms, would someone, anyone, please do something about Geoffrey?  Four more books with him in them may be more than I can bear. (ed. note 2: See!  Clearly fishing.  Don’t fall for it.  Not even a little.)

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FO Friday – A Lovely New Pair of Socks

So in my last life I had time to knit and finish things.  And I had the mental fortitude and creativity to write blog posts about my lovely finished items.  But then real life went into overdrive and both those things kind’ve disappeared  for a while.   (But I do have a cunning plan up my sleeve to at least keep up the blogging in the autumn though I make no promises about the Finished Objects).

But, all that aside, this week I have an FO to share and I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to start my day by drinking a coffee and writing a post because that is a relatively enjoyable way to start a day.

So here it (they) is (are).  My second completed pair of Jaywalkers.   And the yarn is Candy Skein fingering weight in Halloween Treats.



I love them.  This really was a perfect pairing of yarn and pattern. The colours didn’t pool in any unpleasant ways and the base is lovely to work with.  I have made this pattern before. It’s simple and mindless and if it wasn’t for my wrecked right thumb, (it’s improving every day), I can make these in under two weeks.  But, a word to the wise…..heed the warning about this pattern not being very stretchy as it is written.  It is not.  I have made both my pairs of Jaywalkers on 2.5mm and followed the large size.  It makes a sock that is snug in all the right places and really fits like a glove or a sock should.  And ’cause I know at least one person will wonder, I have long narrow size 8 1/2 Canadian feet with long toes to match.

BTW – if you’re new to sock making these are a great intro pair.

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And Now for Something Completely Different

So I guess the title is a little misleading.  It’s not completely different.  I’m not talking about hang gliding, or deep-sea diving.  It’s still about knitting, which by extension means yarn and needles, and in this case socks.  I do understand that none of this is something different.  But there is a difference, I promise.  It’s the way I’m making the socks.

I have been knitting now for about nine years, but I haven’t been a sock knitter for very long, maybe the last 3 years.  I tried to be a sock knitter, I wanted to be a sock knitter, but I hated the teenie tiny DPN’s that you needed to use.  Those first few sock attempts were marked with tears and frustration and the realization that a sock (or in my case the hours of knitting, swearing, and tears that resulted in a few rounds being on the needles) on a set of four DPN’s will actually bounce if you get mad enough to pitch it across the room.  But at no point did anything even close to a sock emerge from those attempts.  In fact what did happen was that I was pretty sure that I would never, ever be a sock knitter.  I convinced myself that I didn’t need or want handknit socks and would loudly proclaim that I just didn’t get putting that much effort into something that no one really sees.

And then I discovered Magic Loop and things started to fall into place.  And socks started to appear and I got it.  And now I love knitting socks.  And I’ve been a happy sock knitter.

So what possessed me to do this is, well, kind of a mystery.


But you know what, it’s going well.  Though I was a little confused by the whole making the guesset on dpn’s since I have become a master at altering patterns on the fly to accommodate Magic Loop and having to follow the directions as written did briefly slow me down.  But otherwise they are working out swimmingly.

So there it is.  You can teach an old knitter a new technique and it can be done without tears or knitting shotput being invloved.   And soon I should have a brand new pair of Jaywalkers.  Or at least that’s the plan.

FO Friday – Socks!!!!

Socks meet a very uncertain fate at my hands.  One look around at all the partial pairs is proof of that.

Yes, there are five socks in that pile. Five. In my defence the brown ones are very, very new.

But sometimes when all the planets are aligned, and the birds are chirping, and the sun is shining in the right place in the sky, at little miracle  happens and I manage to do this.


These are a finished pair of Flutter-bye socks in Regia world ball. This is a wonderful little pattern and knits up like a dream. Though the heel is just a little too big. Fun and simple yet just engaging enough to keep you interested. And, it’s very fast to knit. The whole pair was finished in 14 days.  Clearly, if more patterns were this fast, I’d have more sock pairs.

I entered these in the Nerd Wars last month in the technical category for a technique I had mastered. Since I primarily only make socks in Magic Loop, I am pretty confident in my mastery of that skill.

I am determined to finish all five of those poor neglected socks and even make them a matching mate so they will stop feeling unloved.  But for now I will revel in the joy that is another completed pair and another ball out of my stash.

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FO Friday – Is it a Glitch in the Matrix?

I assure you that this is neither a repeat post or a glitch in the matrix.  These are in fact another pair of Lenore.

These were my Christmas gift to my BFF.  She has a rough knitted sock year and had to toss out a few pairs of knitted socks because they had been darned repeatedly and really try as she might she just couldn’t squeeze any more life out of them.  And knitted socks have that magic power that other knitted items don’t seem to poses.  Once you put a pair of well made, proper fitting knit socks on your little piggies, you just don’t want anything else.  (I feel the need to apologize to my husband at this point.  I will get socks for you right one day.  Just bare with me.   He does have a fine collection of hand knit sweaters and hats and gloves.  He doesn’t suffer too much.  I just can’t seem to make socks that work for him.)  And even though you know when you knit them that socks will wear out faster than other of your other knitting, it still a very sad day when the moment comes that you have to get rid of a  pair.

Like my other two pairs of Lenore, this pair was not without its drama.  First they were my third choice.  My first choice was Flaming Desire by Anne Hanson.  I had real concerns about the yardage requirements and as I have learned in the past nothing will make me more stubbornly refuse to pick up a project then the fear of running out of yarn.  I think I truly believe that I can “out stubborn” my yardage requirements and that if I ignore something long enough I will either magically increase the yardage that I have or magically decrease the amount of yardage required for the project.   Those were a bust.  On to pair number two My Vampire Boyfriend by Kate Atherley.  Those are still on the needles and I just knew that they weren’t going to be finished in time.  I do love them and they will be finished soon.   So with the Christmas deadline looming, I cast on these.

(I am not sure when these became my  fall back socks, but they are.  And after three pairs, I can almost do them in my sleep.)  And since I have made many mistakes in the past with these, there were things I remembered to do like go up half a needle size and how to do the yarn overs at the end of the needles without wanting to burst into tears.  And they went off almost without a hitch.  Almost.  After having turned the heel on the second sock and knitting about an inch of the gusset I realized that I had moved the entire yo pattern over by a stitch.  There is no way to fix that so it all got ripped back and reknit and they were finished and blocked and under the tree in time for Christmas.

I’ve seen them on her feet.  They fit well and I hope that lessens the sting of tossing out her own hand knit socks just a little bit.

Pattern: Lenore

Yarn: MCN sock

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