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It’s Barely Even a WIP

Nine rounds. I made it nine whole rounds before these were tossed aside. I don’t even know why these were tossed aside.

I love the yarn. Love it. The pattern is going to be awesome when it’s done. These socks are completely me. A little lacy. A little gothy. An awesome colour. These are me.

But for some reason I started and stopped and then left them alone for way too long. Indecision? Knitting polygamy at it finest? Commitment issues? The moon and the stars weren’t aligned in a way that encouraged finishing? (Let’s go with the last one. That covers a lot of ground for all of us)!

Whatever the reason these are the next on the WIP list too be finished. I only have a pair of socks minus nine rounds to go.




Yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight fingering

Pattern: Vincent Price’s Happy Place

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2014 Finished With a Warm Hands

My last FO of 2014 were a lovely new pair of fingerless gloves.  I knit them while in my SIL’S new house and secretly prayed the whole time that I could finish them even more quickly than I did because that was a chilly house!

Have you ever tried knitting with frigid fingers? I do not recommend it.  My well-practiced fingers became slow and sluggish, and that familiar rhythm of index finger and thumb working together got very confusing.  (Don’t even talk to me about sleeping, or worse, having to time getting out of the shower just after the heat came on.  Let me tell you, you only messed that last one up once!)  But for all my current whinging we did have a great time, and I did get a lot of knitting finished.  And even better, not a single family member ever complains about the amount of knitting I do,  because they all know if they want the knits, they need to let me do the work.   (I do, however have to have a little chat with my BIL about how much wine is too much wine to bring a knitter if you don’t want to watch them have to rip out work the next day while simultaneously cussing and openly weeping.)

But, I did have my last finish while I was there.  These little gloves were a test knit and you can find them here.



These are fast and simple and I love how the cabling runs up the side of each glove instead of the middle.  Half a skein of sock yarn and these puppies are ready to rock.  The hardest part of these gloves was dealing with the house dog, Daisy, who generally reminds me of Eeyore. (If Eeyore had a glue sniffing problem.) She’s a laid back dog, except if there is yarn in the house.  Because the only thing yarn is for is a place her keep her snout warm.  So half the time I was chasing the dog out of my skein and the other half the time she was sneezing in the yarn so I was cleaning the yarn.  FUN!!!!!!!!


Anyway, somehow despite the cold and the dog and the ridiculous amounts of food, I finished the gloves. They were worth finishing 🙂

Pattern: Dunloe
Yarn:  indigodragonfly  Bright lights big city busy highway slow unicorn

Seeing Stars






Pattern:  Luxury Holiday Garland

Yarn: Sock Yarn scraps

Needle: 3.25 mm

Pro tip:

  • Ironing the stars makes all the difference in the world.  It’s okay if they look a little wonky when they are first finished.  The iron makes it all better.
  • Using i-cord instead of a crochet chain.  It works fine.


For the last few weeks most of Canada had been in a little bit of a deep freeze.  (Okay to be honest most of North America has been in a deep freeze).  As I type this a lot of people reading it will really understand what I mean.  It’s been cold, really truly, bone chilling cold.  It’s the kind of cold that makes your car not work and have to be left in a parking lot at work over night so that it can warm up enough in the sun to move.  It’s the kind of cold that makes you wonder if a hat, scarf, mitts, socks, and sweater (in addition to everything else that you have on) is really enough knit wear for a five minute walk to the corner store.  It’s the kind of cold that makes you realize that as you are standing on your balcony for 30 seconds to assess the temperature and watching the ice crystals form in your coffee and that all the squirrels in the courtyard have donned tiny little knitted toques and scarves and that they are chasing the ever elusive and recently believed extinct Urban Penguin.  (Just for the record we all know that they are not penguins.  They are raccoons wearing thrift store sweaters in an attempt to stay warm.  It just happens that the raccoons only wear black and white sweaters.  I wonder if they are colour blind).  (Ed. Note:  The Urban Penguin is, in fact, a raccoon in clothing.  The black and white theme is not because they are colour blind, it is because the other animals never invite raccoons to formal dress balls.  Not that I can blame the other animals, because a raccoon at a formal event is a recipe for scandal. But I don’t blame the raccoons either.  Take any opportunity you can get to wear formal wear.  Tiny, well-insulated formal wear.  Tuxedo snowsuits!)

And I suspect that this “I will never be warm again weather” is what is causing my two blanket WIPS to be getting so much love lately.

First up is Vivid.  I’m still chugging along on this and the stack of squares has grown considerably.  In fact I am well over the half way point!  I’m really looking forward to having this finished.  Not because I am tired of knitting it, I just want to be able to add another blanket to the pile of blankets on the sofa that the Hubby and I currently hide under.



The other is the Epic Blanket of Insanity or the Project That Will Always be There (Ed. Note:  In the spirit of the term WIP, I refer to the EBI as TWE, or The Work Eternal).  There is zero chance that this will be finished before the end of the winter.  But knitting this is like knitting hope in yarn form.  I knit this knowing that when it is finally finished, sometime around my retirement years, (that’s probably at least 20 years from now – for once I’m setting realistic goals for my knitting), it will give me and the Hubby warmth and protection from the cold and something else to snuggle under since we fully intend to still be snuggly 20 years from now.

(Further, and final, Ed. Note: The Editor regrets any typos he may have missed.  I’ve only been inside for half an hour, my glasses still haven’t unfogged.)

I hope that the rest of your are warm and safe and happy.  I have my knitting and whiskey to get me through this long, cold, winter.

You Can Never Have Too Many Socks

Just in time for the weather to start getting colder, I have another pair of finished socks to add to my collection.  Ten days from start to finish, these are super fast and fun to knit.  I’d like to say that I looked at my stash and decided that the yarn I used would make an excellent pairing for this pattern.  But in reality, it was already in a cake and on the top of the pile and I was too lazy at that moment to dig out my swift and winder and look for a different skein.  So I grabbed it and knit away.  And I have to say that the final product turned out just fine.

Pattern: Hermione’s Everyday Socks

Yarn:  Indigodragonfly MCN: The Sock-quel




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YOP Update Aug 5th, 2013


I can’t believe that the month of July is already over.  It went by faster then I could keep up.  In reality, I probably could have kept up a little better, but last week my Hubby and I decided that we needed to “vacation” on our balcony.  Once I was home from my internship and my school work was done we decamped to the balcony for dinner and drinks and usually stayed there until after dark.  We ignored the computer and our phones and spent a lot of time talking about going on a real vacation again. It was lovely and I have this feeling it may happen again.

But, I did accomplish two things from my YOP wish list for July.

First, I finished my Mama Vertebrae.


I’ll post more pictures later this week.  Just wanted to give you a little sneak peek.

But it is clearly finished and with that accomplishment I managed the second goal  of  having five skeins out of my stash.  (The sweater only took four, but I gave the last skein to my BFF so she can add it to her 5 skeins of Turtle Slippers).    Admittedly I ended up inheriting 3 skeins from another knitter so I am in reality only 2 skeins closer to being organized.   What can you do?  How would I call myself a knitter if I turned down three free skeins of beautiful yarn that needed a new home? That would make me a pretty crummy knitter, and a terrible friend don’t you think?

The other knitting that seems to have taken over is Vivid.  I love knitting these squares.  I’m up to eight and finished with the white yarn,  The remainder of the yarn has been tossed into the pile for the EBI so it’s win/win!


This is the most recent picture of the Epic Blanket of Insanity, (EBI). It’s actually much larger than this. I really need to take new pictures.


Squares for Vivid.


I would like to say that I have a plan for the rest of the month.  But, I really kind of don’t.  I am really hoping to finish the socks for my dad and I’m fairly certain that the blanket will get more love.  Beyond that, I’m not sure where the month will take me.

My goal: 5 skeins out/month

Skeins out/in

July 5/3

August 4/0 (I de-stashed 3 skeins this morning! Yay – yummy yarn finding a new home! Last skein is in the blanket)!

YOP Update Or How My Knitting Saved Countless Lives This Week


It’s been a rough week.  Most of this past week has been spent in the hospital with my SIL.  She had a “routine surgery” two weeks ago that turned out to be anything but routine and has had two surgeries since then.  My husband and I spent the whole week going between work/school and the hospital.  I am convinced that the fact that I am a knitter kept me sane and from drinking heavily.  I knit through her first surgery and most of her second.   I knit while we were waiting for her pain medication to be delivered. I think I actually knit more than I ate over the last few days.  Having yarn and needles in my hands kept me from screaming at the hospital staff a few times.  (Just to be clear, I grew up with an ER nurse and have nothing but respect for all hospital staff.  But when no one checked on my SIL for 12 hours, even after we had gone down to the nursing station to request someone in the room, I started to come a little unhinged).  But, I did get a lot of knitting finished.

First, I finished my socks.  They are almost a perfect match!
Pattern: Vanilla Lattes

Next, my Wurm hat that looked very unhat-like last week is off the needles.
Wurm Hat

My Barndom sadly looks exactly the same as last week as it really didn’t make for good hospital knitting.

My Jaywalkers did get a little love, but they still look about the same.

And finally an unscheduled cast on for my Husband happened.
I had planned to finish the Jaywalkers before I started these, but I felt the need to cast these on and I didn’t have the energy to fight with that. So, Lattes for my hubby in Sweet Georgia have been added to the list.  (My BIL suggested that I could make them for him if my Husband didn’t like them.  No luck there Dude).

So knitting wise it has been a very productive week and we are hoping that with the last surgery that my SIL is finally out of the woods and on the path the recovery.  Fingers crossed.

February Finishes

Mum Socks

Lattes for me

Wurm Hat

Skeins in/out


Epic Blanket of Insanity Feels a Little Less Insane

It’s funny how certain knitting can change and become different things for the knitter at certain times. For me, my sock yarn blanket, otherwise referred to as the Epic Blanket of Insanity (or E.B.I. for short) has become the poster child for the idea of knitting evolution. I have watched as the blanket crept into my psyche and I started to collect ends. Initially, I thought it was crazy and a few of my knitting friends thought it was too.  And then I cast on the first few squares and I started to get excited and could see potential in less than palm-sized squares. And then rows slowly started coming together, and there were yarn swaps, and I started developing a little love affair with it. I started taking it out to meet other knitters and they all loved it too and I think people started to believe that I, or it, are a little less crazy (expect for my one non-knitting friend who just didn’t get it at all and really couldn’t see the blanket in a bunch of colours. I think she may have been a little scared to touch it in case the crazy spread to her somehow).  And now this blanket has become exactly what a blanket should be.  It’s become a comfort.  Some days all I have time for is one little square, and I love having that as an option.  I knit it when I’m happy or tired or anxious.  I have started to build a collection of little squares, and the E.B.I. has started to collect emotions.  I think it’s a good exchange, and I am certainly getting the prettier end of that deal!  I even like weaving in the ends, and that is no small feat.

But, I haven’t shared the pretty in a while, so here it is.




The Diva is in the House

I love fingerless gloves.  I may have a small addiction collection of them roaming around the flat.  I really have gloves of every length and for almost every occasion.  So when I say that theses may be my favourite pair of fingerless gloves ever, rest assured I have  fairly solid  grounds for that argument.

IMG_1651The pattern is Diva Mitts, (and yes Lynn, this is your doing)!! Both yarns are Indigodragonfly in one of the sock weights.  The red is the very first ever color I bought called I Am Not A Shrimp and the blue is You Punched the Highlights Right out of Her Hair.

IMG_1649These are a super fast and easy knit.  Even with my extreme free time constrains lately, I still managed to finish these in 14 days.


I almost had to chase her down the street to get these back!!

They are a lovely snug fit as the ribbing seems to conform to whatever hand puts them on.  I did make one small change.  The “belt” on my mitts is not removable and the button is sewn directly to the mitts.  There was no real reason for this except that I couldn’t be arsed to make a button-hole.

I highly recommend this mitts and they are a great way to use up ends.


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The Horror!!!!!!

A Knitting Horror Story

A retelling  in photos with a mostly happy ending.  (I know; spoilers, sweetie.  I’d make a terrible movie director)


The horror!!!!!!! Cover your eyes and run screaming into the night!!!!!


“Have no fear, fair knitter! It’s Darning Egg to the rescue!”
(Go ahead and insert you’re own heroic music here)


And his trusty sidekick Prince Hooks A-Lot!


See, things are already less frightening than they were.


Not perfect, (this is my first attempt at darning ever), but very wearable and it looks far less butchered then the picture makes it out to be.  I did not actually create the Quasimodo of  the darning world.


Since the horror unfolded I have washed the socks (in the machine) once and worn them twice and the darning is still going strong!!!!!  And thank you to my BFF to convinced my to buy a darning egg long before I needed it.  My advice to all the sock knitters out there is the same as hers was to me:  buy an egg now.  You’ll be thankful you have it when the time comes that your own socks decide to audition for a role in the sequel (Knitting Horror Story II: The Return!).