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On My Needles & Between my Pages

On My Needles

With what we all hope is a few short weeks before Widget appears in the world as pudgy little ball of wails and gurgles, I figured I had better get moving on his blanket because while the weather has again turned warm enough that a wool blanket is the last thing anyone currently needs this little boy will be appearing next month sometime and he needs something from his Auntie to welcome him into this world. So with that in mind I am tackling the last few squares of the blanket and have the wonderful notion that I will finish with a few days or weeks to spare. I do love how it is turning out and I hope it will keep his little toes and belly warm all through the upcoming Canadian winter.

Between My Pages


Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson, (a.k.a The Bloggess) was supposed to be vacation reading, but it didn’t make it there. I bought it a few days before we were to head out and made the mistake of reading the first page and then the next and the next and I think you can see where this is going. By the time my husband came home from work I was well over the half way mark and double over in laughter so hard that all I could do was hold the book up in the air to show him that nothing was so horribly wrong, but that I had a good reason that I couldn’t pull myself together enough to get up and give him a proper greeting. That happened a few times while reading the book (and just for the record it happened to my husband too). He did at one point have tears rolling down his face and I thought that I was going to have to track down an inhaler for him as I felt very certain he was laughing himself into an asthma attack.

Now before you all start thinking, “I need to run out and buy this book right now because I need a laugh”, please read her blog first. It may be just as easy to find Jenny offensive as it is funny and she acknowledges that with an apology in the intro of her book. She is however, unapologetic about mental illness and anxiety disorders and growing up in a very unique family. Another fan of her work looked at me and said “I wish I’d known when I was growing up it was okay to laugh at some of that stuff. It would have helped a lot knowing that didn’t make me a bad person.” And she’s right. Jenny does make it easy to laugh about things openily and loudly that not everyone would find funny. While I will admit that my high-school experience didn’t include cows “private parts” I can relate to a lot of other things in her book and personally I think she’s hysterical. Like I told her when I got to meet her a few weeks later, (I didn’t know that was going to happen when I bought the book), “you make me laugh on days when I would rather hide in my closet and shut the doors.” And, if anyone reading this has even an inkling of what depression and anxiety can do to a person, you know that’s a pretty big accomplishment.

BTW- she’s just as funny in person.
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