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My Little Secret

My dear knitting friends, I am about to admit a very large secret about my knitting life.  It’s one that I am sure you don’t already know.  Sometimes, I have trouble finishing things.  Sometimes, I will get a project almost all the way to completion and then it will just linger about the flat like that nasty winter flu bug that just won’t leave and seems to hide in every corner just waiting for the moment that you stop taking your vitamins.  And just like that flu bug that you really want gone, the UFO just sits and mocks and glares and occasionally throws itself on the floor in some desperate attempt to regain your attention and maybe actually be finished.

Now, I know what you are all thinking.   Your jaws are on the floor and maybe you’re a little shocked since everyone knows that I am the most project monogamous knitter ever and that I never have too many WIPS or anything else of the sort lying around.  My stash is organized and my projects orderly.  My knitting is always completed in a timely fashion and gift knitting is always done on time.  I understand how shocking this is.  All  I can do is say that even the best of us can sometimes not be perfect.  (To my local readers – y’all know what’s going through my head right now don’t you). 

But, since we all have an open and honest relationship, I wanted to get this story out there so we can move past it and continue to enjoy each other’s company.

Back in September of 2012 I decided to ball up these skeins and cast on Turnagain.


The orange is Waterloo Yarns all the rest are some variation of Indigodragonfly Sock yarn. All were just sitting around in my stash.

And aside from the horrid thought of using a provisional cast on for over 400 stitches and on circs, it went really well and really fast.  (I opted just to use a long tail cast on since either way there was going to be seaming up at the end and I figured that I might as well only suffer once).  The ends were a little bit of a pain to weave in, but it didn’t have to be perfect since they would all be hidden on the inside anyway.

In a relatively short time frame I had something that looked a little like this.


And that is how it stayed, for days and then months.  One giant tube not sewn up, and not good for anything except taking up space on the side table and occasionally seeping into my thoughts.  Finally at some point it started screaming at me loud enough that I had to pick it up and finish it.  So 12 months and 15 days later I finally had something that looks like this.



Am I happy? Absolutely!! It’s pretty and warm and cozy and I’ve already had to wear it more times than I would like to admit.  But now my secret is out  and it’s a huge burden off my shoulders and it’s time to move on.

Now, lets just ignore how long it took me to photograph it.

On My Needles & Between my Pages September 12th

On My Needles

First I need to start this week by apologizing to my friend over at Twisted Stitcher because I fear that she will follow the pattern link and fall in love with the pattern the same way I did. Suzy, sorry if you end up wanting to add this to your list.

My newest addiction is Turnagain. I love this pattern. I hate provisional cast on, so the 242 stitch cast on was a shade of a nightmare, but I did finish it and now it’s just going round and round. The colour changes keep it from getting boring and the knowledge that the ends will essentially be hidden in the finished work with very little end weaving is about as good as it gets for me. Just ask my Lizard Ridge blanket how long it takes me to weave in ends. I’m using five shades of Indigodragonfly yarn and one Waterloo.


So I am in love and it’s all I really want to knit. But, since you all know that I have the attention span of a Hummingbird on hyped up on too much caffeine, you know that there is other knitting happening too. What can I say? I want to knit all the things all the time.


Between My Pages
Textbooks. Lots of textbooks with names like The Autistic Spectrum and Beyond the Autism Diagnosis. In reality, they are actually very interesting but it doesn’t make for a great book review. I do however, have some serious doubts about the last one entitled You and Others. I think that could be a bit of a chore.

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