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It’s A Kind of Magic

This week my WIP is a little magical.  It is a shawl, but is a very magical shawl indeed.  Sadly, it is not so magical that it knits itself.  Nor does it knit up at a magical pace.  And there is no guarantee that is will be the perfect size when it’s finished either.  (Just for the record, I have never figured out exactly what the perfect size for a shawl is.  It seems to be way too dependant on my mood.)  It is magical because of the stripes.  Those little colour changes are happening all by themselves in the right place and making perfect little sections.

Now, before you start thinking that I have figured out the secret and am some sort of knitting wizard, it’s really not that at all.  It’s the yarn.  It’s all the yarn.

The Yarn Harlot first blogged about it here and you can imagine what happened next.  The yarn became a very scarce commodity.  There were sell-outs, and back orders, and now it seems that scoring a skein of the magic yarn is the same as winning the knitter’s lottery.  Somehow, my knitting guru managed to do just that and for Christmas a few of us received  skeins.



This past weekend I cast on the shawl.  It says right inside the ball band, to be used with topdown triangle shawls.  I checked Rav and the Caterpillargreen website and picked a pattern.  I grabbed my 3.5’s and cast on.  Four and a half hours later I was cussing the yarn and the dyer.  I was oscillating between thoughts of auctioning off the skein and lighting it on fire in the courtyard.  It was not going well.  Colour changes were happening everywhere except where they were supposed to.  I was miserable.  I was frustrated. I was so very, very unhappy.

I had gone up and down needle sizes, tried a different pattern, added a second colour.  Nothing was working. So I took to Twitter and posted my woes.  Very quickly I received helped from another knitter.   She pointed out that gauge is super important and to try again.  So in one last ditch effort I went up another needle size.  4 mm way the key.  They were the saviour for the shawl, and at that moment my sanity.  It all started to work!  It started striping by itself!!!!



Now the shawl is flying off the needles.  My goal is twofold.  First I want to finish it this week so I’m ready for the weekend.  (More about that on the weekend 😉  Next, I want to somehow win the knitting lottery when Caterpillargreen updates again.  They have some truly beautiful colours just begging for me to knit with them.

Yarn : Caterpillargreen Merino Twist shawl striping
Colour: Warm and Fuzzy
Pattern: Simple Yet Effective Shawl

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Paper and Fibre February 11, 15



The Fibre

This week’s fibre is a little bit of a risk.  Well maybe it’s not.  It’s almost certainly, maybe,  not a risk.  Here’s the deal.  I’ve started my SIL’S Christmas socks.  The pattern is Lumberjacks.  The pattern is not the risk.  The pattern is awesome.  This is my third pair in as many months.  It’s great.  The colour is fine.  She’ll love red socks.  The yarn is great too, but it’s also the problem.  You see the pattern calls for a huge amount of yardage for each pair of socks.  I’m not sure if it’s a difference in gauge, but according to the pattern I should need just over a skein of the master colour for a pair of men’s socks.  As it turns out I need less than a skein.  I fair bit less than a skein.  So considering that I only used the red for the heels and toes for my hubby’s socks, and the ladies socks have fewer stitches per round and fewer rounds over all, I should need a much smaller amount of yarn than with the men’s socks.  So I should have enough red yarn.  It seems reasonable to think that.  In fact it seems foolish to think anything else.  I’m almost certain this will work.
A yarn scale would make my life easier and happier.  But that would require me to know where my scale is and right now I kind of sort of don’t.  And anyway, it’s way more fun not knowing and having the anxiety spur me on.  It will make me a faster knitter since we all know that if you knit super fast you will in fact avert a pending yarn shortage.  But that’s not going to happen.  I think.IMG_2670-0

The Paper

The-roadThis week I finished The Road by Cormac McCarthy. As the story progresses you realize that it is, at its core, a very complex discussion on humanity and human nature. It asks the question, how do we retain our humanity in the face of insurmountable odds? Why do some people maintain a moral code of conduct that is reflective of current values, and others morph into something abhorrent? Or are do some people adapt while others cling to the past? It’s a fantastic metaphor for heaven and hell. It’s both brutally grim at times and uplifting in its depiction of a father and son’s unwavering love. I’m not certain I can recommend this book, but if you can deal with the writing style and very dark content it is worth the read.

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Fibre and Paper Jan 21.15


The Fibre
I’ve decided that it’s time to break the spinning wheel out of its corner that it’s been sitting in since the end of November. This beautiful fibre was bought for me at Rhinebeck an2015/01/img_2638.jpgd I did manage to un-braid it! So first I have to finish drafting it and then get it on the wheel. Wish me luck. My spinning always seems to suffer the agony of being neglected.





The Paper,
While it is true that I am still reading the Lies of Locke Lamora, and still loving it, I have briefly put it aside to finish The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  This post apocalyptic novel is a tale of the survival of a father and his young son that is simultaneously filled with enduring acts of love and downright brutal heartbThe-roadreak and suffering.  The rather abrupt writing style in the novel does add to the overall bleakness of the world in which the two main characters reside.  Fortunately, in this case, a novel without a single wasted word works well.  I think that an overly descriptive narrative would actually detract from the feel of the book and the fast and oddly intimate relationship that you form with the father and son.
While I am not certain that I would recommend this novel,  I can say that it is incredibly compelling.





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It’s Barely Even a WIP

Nine rounds. I made it nine whole rounds before these were tossed aside. I don’t even know why these were tossed aside.

I love the yarn. Love it. The pattern is going to be awesome when it’s done. These socks are completely me. A little lacy. A little gothy. An awesome colour. These are me.

But for some reason I started and stopped and then left them alone for way too long. Indecision? Knitting polygamy at it finest? Commitment issues? The moon and the stars weren’t aligned in a way that encouraged finishing? (Let’s go with the last one. That covers a lot of ground for all of us)!

Whatever the reason these are the next on the WIP list too be finished. I only have a pair of socks minus nine rounds to go.




Yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight fingering

Pattern: Vincent Price’s Happy Place

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Fibre & Paper Jan 7.15



The Fibre

Made almost entirely from odds and ends of other balls, this fun little blanket is near completion and the first on my list of WIPS to finish. (It is actually almost finished. I just want to have a big reveal later don’t have any recent pictures).




I bought almost no new balls for this blanket.  Maybe 4?  The rest were from bits of Noro I had kicking around and a bag of ends, (okay, a huge bag of ends,) from my knitting guru.  I think that they were left over from a couple of lizard ridge blankets and a log cabin.

The pattern is 64 crayons and the yarn is mostly Kuryeon  with some Silk Garden tossed in for good measure.

The Paper
It’s taken me a long time to get into this book. Not because it isn’t fantastic. Not because it doesn’t grab you from the very first sentence. No, it’s because we lent the book to one of our friends and now it is out somewhere in the void ethereal and we have no idea if it will ever come home. Fortunately, we have other friends who have the book, and one of them found their copy and was kind enough to pass it on to me. I would like to point out that the Hubby read this multiple times before it went missing, so I knew it worth reading.


Think Oliver Twist meets Robin Hood and that would be close. Fantastically written with a story that will hook you by the end of the first paragraph and characters that you really want to know more about, I am enjoying ever word. I also can understand why a completely different friend, who’s copy of the book also went missing, claims this is her favourite book of all time.
So I guess the moral here is it’s a great read that you should never, ever, lend out.

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Projects and Paper July 17, 2013

Wednesday Photo

On My Needles:

This falls into the category of Oops!  A few months ago on Ravelry I discovered the pattern for Vivid.  For months I would log into Rav and somehow find myself staring at this blanket.  I would check out other people’s blankets and think about making one for myself.  Then I would remind myself that I have a very limited amount of knitting time right now, and that I really don’t need another blanket, and I would walk away.  And then I would come back the next day and do the whole routine again.  In May, I broke down and added it to my queue (so that way I could go and stare at it whenever I felt like it).  And since then I have ignored it…..mostly.  Until this past Sunday, when in a moment of weakness spurred on by exhaustion and a serious case of startitis I found myself downloading the pattern and digging through the yarn stash to find acceptable yarn.  And then, in the blink of a knitterly eye there I was half awake on the sofa  with the yarn on the needles and my first square cast on.  OOPS!!!!


And you know what?  I love this pattern! I was a  little concerned that I was nowhere close to getting the right dimensions, but a little bath in some hot soapy water and Voilà!! Dimensions achieved.  Two little variations to the original pattern – it should actually have two more border rows but in my dreary eyed state I read “repeat the last two rows four times” and missed the “four times more bit.”  Also, try as I might on Sunday, learning a new cast on method just wasn’t going well, and I gave in and opted to go with a long tail cast on.  Each will be cast on the same way and I’m calling it a designer feature.   And…..the whole thing is being made with stash yarn!!!!

Between My Pages

This past week I was able to indulge in something I haven’t really been able to do for months.  I got to read a book that wasn’t school related!!!!  It really was a joy to read for pleasure again.  And what I read was this.


Yes this is the same book that is the basis for the movie Fight Club.  First let me start by saying I love the movie.  I think that it’s brilliant and well acted and I have watched it more than a few times.  Reading the book has not changed my opinion of the movie at all.  In fact, it has given me a whole new respect for the movie because I am not really certain how the directors managed to make something as streamlined as they did from this book.  To point out, I think the book is a very enjoyable read and well written.  But one could say it is, perhaps, a bit odd.  However, if you enjoyed the movie give the book a go.  You won’t be disappointed.  And, in my humble opinion the book has a way better ending than the movie does.

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On My Needles & Between My Pages Sept 19th, 2012

On My Needles

There is no denying that autumn is in the air.  The nights are becoming blessedly cooler and the mornings are a little nippy.  I even remembered to have my favorite autumn boots taken into the cobbler to be resoled.  It must mean autumn in coming.  I love autumn.  In fact, if it didn’t indicate really scary things happening in the climate,  I would love to oscillate between summer and autumn all year round. (I certainly could do without winter).  I am also pretty sure it’s why Roam is suddenly back in my hands after a four-month rest.  I suddenly really want to finish this little Cardi and I even want to start another one.  I am blaming the cooler weather for this sudden turn of events in my knitting world.  I suppose that there could be other reasons too, but those seem far less straightforward then a chill in the air, and these days I am all about straightforward.  I have finished the “right front” section which means both the front and the back are finished and I have started the first sleeve.  I am still relatively slow at moss stitch, so I don’t expect any big miracle finishes, but I am hoping to have the sleeve off the needles sometime this week, assuming of course that I don’t get distracted by something else.


Hmmmm……Maybe I should change the name of this section from On My Needles to My Current Knitting Distraction.

Pattern: Roam

Yarn: IndigoDragonFly in Polwarth silk

Between My Pages

Normally I wouldn’t review a book that I have read for college.  However, Let Me Hear Your Voice by Catherine Maurice is a wonderful book that provides insight about a one family’s struggle with the diagnosis of Autism not once but twice, in a time when Autism was even less understood than it is now.  Written as a memoir by the mother, Maurice, it is unabashed and unapologetic about the emotional impact that the diagnosis has had on her family and friends, and the myriad of emotions that she has to struggle to deal with.  This book is a valuable read for anyone who is interested in the subject or is struggling with these issues in their own lives.  While ?? does repeatedly indicate that she can only write about her own family, and that what worked in their case may not work in all cases, there is still a great deal of wisdom between these pages.


Note all the little tabs. Could be helpful for the assignment that I have to write based on the book.

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On My Needles & Between my Pages September 12th

On My Needles

First I need to start this week by apologizing to my friend over at Twisted Stitcher because I fear that she will follow the pattern link and fall in love with the pattern the same way I did. Suzy, sorry if you end up wanting to add this to your list.

My newest addiction is Turnagain. I love this pattern. I hate provisional cast on, so the 242 stitch cast on was a shade of a nightmare, but I did finish it and now it’s just going round and round. The colour changes keep it from getting boring and the knowledge that the ends will essentially be hidden in the finished work with very little end weaving is about as good as it gets for me. Just ask my Lizard Ridge blanket how long it takes me to weave in ends. I’m using five shades of Indigodragonfly yarn and one Waterloo.


So I am in love and it’s all I really want to knit. But, since you all know that I have the attention span of a Hummingbird on hyped up on too much caffeine, you know that there is other knitting happening too. What can I say? I want to knit all the things all the time.


Between My Pages
Textbooks. Lots of textbooks with names like The Autistic Spectrum and Beyond the Autism Diagnosis. In reality, they are actually very interesting but it doesn’t make for a great book review. I do however, have some serious doubts about the last one entitled You and Others. I think that could be a bit of a chore.

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On My Needles & Between my Pages

On My Needles

I had a really hard time figuring out what WIP to focus on this week.  Probably because I am still slightly overwhelmed by the number of WIPS that I have and really don’t feel like talking about any of them.  I did however finally decide on this little fellow.


This is my worsted weight sock Fargyle.  Since taking this picture I have frogged it back to the start because I am going to use the second ball for the cuff, heel, and toe.  Originally I thought I could do the small size, but the length will be too short and since both balls are one off custom dye lots, it’s not like I can get more anytime soon.  I am hoping that a combination of the two balls will provide the extra yardage that I need to make the sock a wearable length.

Between My Pages

(ed. note: No spoilers in the comments, please.  I love my lady wife dearly, but she’s not a patient woman.  I’ve actually put a fair amount of work into not letting any details slip about books she hasn’t read yet, despite badgering and provocation.  I’d really appreciate it if you could help me out with that.  The suspense, that is.  Not the badgering.  Or the provocation.  She needs no help with those.  Especially before coffee.)


I have finally moved onto the Song of Ice and Fire series and have almost finished the first novel A Game of Thrones.  Stunningly written, as one of my friends said:  “it’s not just a page turner, it’s a chapter turner.”  Having watched the first two seasons of the TV adaptation on HBO, I am even more impressed by the casting choices that were made to bring the characters to life.  My goal at this point is to have the third book finished before the third seasons airs and I sorely regret not having read the first three books all those many years ago when I bought them for my DH for Christmas.  These are addictive and a must read if you enjoy fantasy novels.  Just prepare yourself, Martin has a special way of making his despicable characters downright horrid.  (I actually had to ask my Husband if a certain character makes it through the first book because I needed to come to terms with having to see or read anything about that person because I found the individual so incredibly offputting.)  All of his characters have flaws that make them easy to love and hate and get really really angry with.  In fact Ned Stark my be the only character in any novel ever that I have cussed out for being a pig headed fool stuck on his notions of pride and chivalry, or more to the point, cussed out at all.  It just never happens.  And for the glory of the seven kingdoms, would someone, anyone, please do something about Geoffrey?  Four more books with him in them may be more than I can bear. (ed. note 2: See!  Clearly fishing.  Don’t fall for it.  Not even a little.)

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The Unloved WiP Support Group Have a Few Goodbyes

“We here at the U.L.W.S.G. believe that any Goodbye is a good Goodbye” began the group moderator (the 12 year old sleeveless cardigan). “And while a goodbye due to completion is always preferred, goodbyes due to frogging are just as important.”

“This week, one of our group’s contributing members made some hard decisions about two of her projects, our friends, and has returned them back to their original state. As she said, she’d come to realize she was no good to these projects and they were no good for her.”

First on the frogging list was our knitter’s first attempt at a lace shawl. Started in 2009, it quickly became clear that this was not an enjoyable knit. Holding on to the hope that she would develop the skills she needed to one day finish this, she put it aside, and improved her knitting skills on other projects. Somewhere during 2011 she picked it up again with renewed interest. But alas my friends, our knitter realized very quickly that this still wasn’t a match made in heaven and back in the basket it went. Now the yarn has been reclaimed and slated for another project, which in a nasty bit of irony does have a lace element to it. Let’s hope it goes better this time.


Next up are the socks that have been affectionately known as the “what exactly do these instructions mean?” socks. Cast on with much excitement and enthusiasm, the leg flew off the needles, as did the heel. Then came the gusset with directions that just didn’t make any sense. And while the knitter had on a number of occasions thought about taking the sock to other knitters to ask for help, it just never seemed to happen, and finally one day she was looking at the sock thinking that the yarn would make a lovely pair of Lenores for her mother and off the needles it went.


Now, don’t fret too much for these projects. Both were entered into the Frogging Trampoline category of this summer’s Ravellenic Games and our knitter made it to the podium twice because of our friend’s sacrifice.

So let us take a moment of silence to honour of our frogged friends, and remember not to mourn them but to wish them luck and happiness in their new projects and hope that we never see them here again.

Do you have a WIP that could use some love and support from the U.L.W.S.G? Drop me a message on Ravelry and tell me about it and a future meeting will be held in their honour. Permission to use a few photos would be greatly appreciated.